::::chill its just chaos::::

:::when life gives you lemons squeeze them in peoples eyes... respectfully of course, no hard feelings <3 ::::

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::::your nightmares are real::::

tyler hudson
age--> twenty one (...)
status---> enganged to helli (hetero)
kids---> maxine, collette, emily, hadley
friends---> helli, blaire, daniel, theo, blake, cleo
mentions---> helliana and the girls (couldn't do this without you guys)
::::being good doesnt get you anything::::

daniel young
age--> nineteen (oct 31st)
status---> takeennnn by zoeeee <333 (hetero)
kids---> none
friends---> zoe, blaire, tyler, blake, theo, cleo
mentions---> zoe (ily)
::::i see humans but no humanity::::

theo lawerence
age--> twenty (dec 31st)
status---> taken by lila (bi/poly [1:2])
kids---> none
friends---> tyler, daniel, blake, blaire, cleo, lila
mentions---> lila (<3)
::::believe the sinner, question the saint::::

blake quincy
age---> twenty-one (sept 1st)
status---> single (bisexual)
kids---> none
friends---> blaire, tyler, daniel, theo, cleo, sam, steven
mentions---> none
::::i know i dont belong here::::

blaire quincy

age---> twenty-one (sept 1st)
status---> not sure tbh (hetero)
kids---> none
friends---> theo, daniel, tyler, cleo, steven, mike, astra, piper, helli
mentions---> none
::::no one cares until drama happens::::

cleo parker
age---> twenty (aug 7th)
status---> dakota<3 (bi)
kids---> none
friends---> blaire, daniel, tyler, blake, theo, dakota, astra, piper
mentions---> dakota (love you darling)
::::not heartless just using my heart less::::

piper jones
age---> twenty (aug 21st)
status---> single (bi)
kids---> none
friends---> blaire, cleo, lila, astra
mentions---> none
::::a shot in the heart doesnt make it unbreak::::

astra collins
age---> twentyy (oct 8th)
status---> singlee (hetero)
kids---> paige
friends---> blaire, cleo, piper
mentions---> none
::::im not trying to fit in, this world never fit me::::

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