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Welcome to Insanity my friends (School is going on right now, so I won't be on for most of the day. I am doing my best to keep up, but bear with me.)

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I am a Gryffindor, though I get Hufflepuff just as often. I originally made this account to have multiple OCs on it and so I didn't put much thought into what house I chose. I had taken a quiz recently and got Hufflepuff so that's what I went with. That plan was clearly abandoned and I don't have the patience to delete this account and start over so my account will continue to say Hufflepuff but now you all know otherwise.

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Jessica (Jess) Harper

My Backstory


Harry Potter Roleplay (any Era)

Muggle Roleplay

MCU Roleplay (Backstory in Progress)

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Owl me or post on my wall if you'd like to roleplay

RP Rules:

-Romance is fine but NO I mean NO mature content and you need to let me know that you want to do a romance rp

-Please NO Godmodding (don't control my character unless you are using the Imperius curse)

-Keep foul language to a minimum.

-If you have triggers then PLEASE let me know beforehand

-If you want to end the rp or start a new one then TELL ME I promise I won't be hurt or mad about it. What I don't like is ghosting somebody just because you don't want to continue the rp.

-I might say no to your rp request. I am not obligated to rp with you. Be respectful of my choice. If I say maybe some other time, then I WILL get back to you as long as you are respectful of my decision.

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