Hogwarts Classes

Alchemy   (ALCH-601) Open Course

Tales of immortality, artificial life, transmutation, and other unexplained phenomena shroud the study of alchemy in mystery. Can creating synthetic life forms such as homunculi be

Ancient Runes   (ANCR-601) Open Course

In the first year of your N.E.W.T. studies in Ancient Runes, we will explore the Mediterranean, Oceania, and an assortment of associated scripts. We will also begin to explore the

Ancient Studies   (ANST-601) Open Course

Year Five of Ancient Studies takes us across the ocean to the Americas. Our studies will focus on familiar civilizations such as the Maya, Inca, Aztec, and Navajo, as well as the l

Arithmancy   (ARIT-601) Open Course

In this introductory course, you will learn the basics of arithmancy in preparation for the Year 7 course. Emphasis will be placed on the numerical operations required for the successful application of Arithmantical principles in the magical world.

Care of Magical Creatures   (COMC-601) Open Course

In your fifth year of Care of Magical Creatures, we will be covering fifteen different creatures that are popular in both the wizarding and Muggle worlds. We will be building off o

Charms   (CHRM-601) Open Course

In Year Six of Charms, we will deal with theoretical aspects and more complex spells than you have learned about in your first five years of magical education. We will shortly disc

Defense Against the Dark Arts   (DADA-601) Open Course

Year Six Defense Against the Dark Arts becomes more theory heavy as students begin their work at the N.E.W.T. level. This year focuses on mental magic, defense of the mind, and app

Divination   (DIV-601) Open Course

Venture, if you dare, into the world of omens! Beware, though, once you start, you may begin to see them everywhere...

Herbology   (HERB-601) Open Course

In Year Six of Herbology, students will travel around the world to discover the most magical (and striking non-magical) specimens that populate our planet. Be prepared for a theoretically-heavy course with a trip to one of the most renowned magical institutions of the world.

History of Magic   (HOM-601) Open Course

We have made our way around the globe throughout your studies here at Hogwarts, but it is time to return to the home of the Olmec and Maya - the Americas! During your first year of

Magical Art   (MART-601) Open Course

Come explore the visual arts and their inner workings within the wizarding world! In this course, you will study various mediums of magical art, ranging from drawing to portraitur

Mythology   (MYTH-601) Open Course

Year Six of Mythology will take you on a journey across the Americas, studying the myths of civilizations such as the Inuit, Navajo, Inca, and many more! A special focus this year

Potions   (PTNS-601) Open Course

The first year of the NEWT Level Potions course will cover the fundamentals of offensive and counter potions, expanding on the technical arsenal required by many professions. Get ready for action and for a good dose of theory as you venture across these new territories.

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