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Name: Genevieve Monet Williams

Nicknames: Ginny, Viv, Vivi, G, Red, Princess

Age: 18 (depends on rp)

Blood Status: Half-blood

Wand: Pine with a unicorn hair core; 10 and 3/4"; rigid flexibility

Patronus: Crow

Boggart: Losing friends or loved ones

Amortentia: Old Books,  Petrichor, Lavender,  Honey

Best Class: Charms

Worst Class: History of Magic

Likes: Reading, Music, Star-gazing, Art, Astronomy, Charms, P!atD, Latin, Thunderstorms, Classic rock

Dislikes: Writing essays, Licorice, Deadlines, Homework, Pure-blood supremacy

Mom: Lauren Williams 


Dad: Matthew Williams 


Brother: Samuel Williams 


Pet: Jasper (grey tabby cat)


Personality: Friendly, Quiet, Smart, Creative


Hobbies: Reading, Singing, Studying Latin, Researching spells, Exploring the school


  • Often in the library or Astronomy tower

  • Once got caught smuggling in fire whiskey by Filch but turned it into water before he got to the headmaster's office

  • Has no problem with Dark Magic is actually quite intrigued by it


Name: Delainey Clairmont Selwyn

Nicknames: Lainey, Selwyn, Lay-lay, Laila, Ghost, Misty

Age: 16 (depends on rp)

Blood Status: Pureblood

Wand: 14"; Yew wood; Phoenix feather core; flexible

Patronus: Golden Eagle

Boggart: Being abandoned

Amortentia: Sandalwood, Blackberries, Peonies

Best Class: Runes

Worst Class: Herbology

Likes: Fresh Blackberries, Old books, Being with friends, Classical music, Quidditch, Nonverbal spells, Guns N' Roses, Pearl Jam

Dislikes: Umbridge (The pink toad dares to call herself a Selwyn)

Mom: Maria Selwyn (deceased)

Dad: Markeson Selwyn

Pet: Barnabas (Eurasian Eagle Owl), Matchstick (seal point siamese)

Personality: Clever, Quiet, Sly, Protective, Guarded

Hobbies: Researching curses, creating new spells/curses, practicing NV spells, Learning dead languages


  • Grew up in a household that greatly emphasizes pureblood supremacy

  • Family history with the Dark Arts and Voldemort

  • Quite Talented at nonverbal spells


Name: Emmaline Marie Addams


Nicknames: Emma, Em, May, Emmy

Age: 16 (depends on rp)

Blood Status: Pureblood

Wand: Magnolia wood; wampus cat hair core; 13"; quite bendy

Patronus: Bobcat

Boggart: Failing; not being good enough

Amortentia: Rich soil, Rose hip, Peppermint

Best Class: Care of Magical Creatures

Worst Class: Potions

Likes: Gun N'Roses, AC/DC, Fall Out Boy, Sweet tea, Some country music

Dislikes: Homework, Charms journals, Rap music,

Mom: Terry Addams (deceased)

Dad: Charles Addams (deceased)

Pets: Tex (dust-colored mouse), Monty (spotted owl), Chrissy (chocolate lab)

Personality: Cunning, Curious, Gentle, Outgoing

Hobbies: Volunteering at various animal sanctuaries (magical and mundane), Researching endangered animals and bringing attention to them, listening to music, practicing advanced magic


  • Lived in the Southern United States until she was ten

  • Her parents died when she was ten

  • Moved to London after so she could live with her grandparents

  • Lived in primarily Muggle communities her whole life




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