Matthew Williams

Googling this in 1942

We have to stick together, even if we hate it. I hate it. ~APH China

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Matthew is a name from the bible. Matthew is smart, funny and just the most amazing to be around. Although shy in big groups he has a large personality. Matthew doesn't encourage a fight but stand up for himself and the ones he loves, he would put himself in harms way before his loved one. When in a relationship, Matthew isn't the first one to express his feelings, unless he has to. He will always care but have a hard time showing it. Matthew is quite protective of his girlfriend/boyfriend and will show so if needed, even if with a small threat. It may take a lot to get him angry but when his is he means it.

RIP to Technoblade. You will be missed.

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ɩ мαʏ иσт вɛ тнɛ ƨмαятɛƨт σя тнɛ ƨтяσиɢɛƨт, вʋт Ɩ'м σиɛ σғ тнɛ мσƨт ρяσтɛcтιʌɛ αи∂ κιи∂ɛƨт ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I try to have OCs that are different races than me. It's actually very interesting to research culture and history of different nations, just for these characters. I think that made me like history even more then I did in grade six. Just learning the subject makes you have a different understanding about the nation itself. Also, anime did a lot too.Watch anime, my creeper peeps.

H̷̳̯̜̙͈̖̱̫͜͠e̖̜̞͈͓'͇͔͎͙̞͝͡s҉̪͖̲ ̦̹̲̮͙͇͍̼̦h̹͉̯̣͇̖̰͝e̺͕͠ŗ̡͍̜͚e̸̡̞̬̳̲̥̦ ̙̝̯̠͈͔̳̦͘͡:̛͙̼̫̠͔̩̤͔͞)͉̣͔̲͠͝

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