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I'm a fun demigirl who likes rping and writing! I have a few books in the library, so please check them out! Pronouns: She/Them

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<summary>- RP Info -</summary>
<summary>~~RP Rules~~</summary>
Cursing is allowed, but please try to not overuse it I most likely will add in depressing topics, if I start to, please let me know what you are comfortable with I am heavy in the LGBTQ+ community for my OCs, so all of my RPs will have LGBTQ+ characters I will sometimes try to do mature romance, but please don't hate me if I chicken out I prefer to do MxM in romance, but I can do FxM and FxF, I just don't do those as often so excuse me if I'm a little awkward or a little rusty If we're doing show rps, I like doing next gen best Please do not control my OC</details><details>
<summary>RP Genres</summary>
Romance (Mature/nonmature, FxM, MxM, FxF) Fantasy Depressing Violent</details><details>
<summary>Fandoms I'm In</summary>
Harry Potter (Obviously) Percy Jackson Gravity Falls RWBY My Hero Academia Ranger's Apprentice Wings of Fire UnOrdinary How To Train Your Dragon Sword Art Online Seven Deadly Sins (the uh...the anime) Pokemon Five Nights at Freddy's Bendy and the Ink Machine Tattletail Disney/Kingdom Keepers Waterfire Saga Marvel (I'm kind of new to it though, only seen a few movies)</details></details><details>
<summary>HARRY POTTER OCS</summary>
<summary>Liegha Macentire</summary>
Name: Liegha Macentire Age: 15 Birthday: April 4th Year: 5 House: Hufflepuff Wand: Holly Wood, Fourteen Inches, Phoenix Feather Core Blood Type: Pure-blood Quidditch: Seeker Pet: Phoenix named Ash, but there's a charm that makes her look like a barn owl, and Recently adopted a phoenix named Sparks and is helping her try to fly again Sexuality: Pansexual Shippable: No, she's dating someone, Dylan Li, fifth-year Slytherin (But she can be used in romance rps, just get ready to deal with Dylan) Likes: Books; Magic; Sweets Dislikes: Incense; Talking About Her Family Too Much; Vegetables Personality: Kind; Sweet; Bookworm; Can be Anxious at Times; Loyal Description: Shoulder-length blonde hair with pink ends pulled into a short ponytail; glasses that slide down nose often; bright purple eyes that cloud randomly; freckles all over face; Hufflepuff robes, wears stockings that fade from gray to yellow Backstory: She grew up surrounded by Muggles. Her best friend is a Muggle-born witch, who she loves much like a sister. Her mother went to Hogwarts the same year as her father, even though she was in Hufflepuff and he was in Slytherin. Her mother owns Gringotts, their family founded it years ago. Her father is in Azkaban for a reason she doesn't like explaining. Her older sister, Leiyla, was five years older before she died when Liegha was ten. Her younger sister, Lillie, is a year younger and always badgers Liegha for the answers. Another fact about Liegha is that she can see the future without any medium. She see the future in dreams, or sometimes it just overcomes her. She guesses you could say she's a Seer, only this is a little...different. She don't know how to explain it. She's dating Dylan Li, a Slytherin in her year, and her Hogwarts best friend is Bellatrix "Bex" Hawthorne, a Gryffindor who happens to be a werewolf. Notes: Father is in Azkaban; family founded and owns Gringotts; can see the future; doesn't like incense </details><details>
<summary>Mia Pearce</summary>
Name: Mia Pearce Birthday: September 18th Age: 15 Year: 5 House: Hufflepuff Wand: Maple Wood, Eleven Inches, Unicorn Tail Core Blood Type: Muggle-born Quidditch: Doesn't play Pet: A screech owl named Lillian Sexuality: Bisexual Shippable: Yes and no, she has a crush on Bex Hawthorne, but they aren't dating yet Likes: Sweets; Playing; Games; Animals Dislikes: School Personality: Playful; Kind; Somewhat of a Troublemaker Description: Brown hair pulled into pigtails with blue ends; blue bows; green eyes with blue hints; a patch on her face that moves around; Hufflepuff robes, can't tie her tie properly Backstory: Since she's Muggle-born, she didn't know magic existed till she got her letter. She knew there was something a little off with her best friend Liegha though, but she never pressed her. Mia's mother has a small strain of cancer, but despite it, she's trying her best to make Mia's life the best she can as a single mother. Mia overheard Liegha talking to her mom about Hogwarts, and was afraid she'd never see Liegha again if she went to another school. It wasn't until Mia got her letter than she realized all the crazy things that happened around Liegha was magic, and they were going to study it together! Notes: Her father died just after she was born; she's a little crazy; sleeps with her bows in </details><details>
<summary>Bellaxtrix "Bex" Hawthorne</summary>
Name: Bellatrix "Bex" Hawthorne Birthday: October 31st Age: 15 Year: 5 House: Gryffindor Wand: Birch, Thirteen and a Half Inches, Dragon Heartstring Core Blood Type: Half-blood Quidditch: Chaser Pet: A wolf named Ursa Sexuality: Lesbian Shippable: Yes and no, she has a crush on Mia Pearce, but they aren't dating Likes: Night; Quiet; Magic Dislikes: Her Mother; Her Sister; Day; Discrimination Personality: Sometimes Can be Seen as Rude; Laid-Back; Easy-Going; A Little Snappy Description: Short black hair with purple streaks, bangs barely cover left eye; left eye is a dark blue while right eye is a bright green; a claw-mark scar passes through her right eye turning it a milky green instead; doesn't wear the robes, shirt sleeves rolled up to elbows; vest overtop; skirt is a little short in a "I-don't-care" way; wears boots Backstory: Her mother is one of those "Salem Witch Trails" people, so she hates all things related to magic. When she ofund out her husband was a wizard, she took one of their twin girls and left, hoping to save her before it was too late. Bex was around three when she was bit, so she was shunned by her mother afterwards. But when her letter came, that was when her mother really picked up. Bex ended up running away, and now lives in an abandoned house. Notes: Is a werewolf; thinks pure-bloods are dumb (not Liegha) </details><details>
<summary>Carla Maxton</summary>
Name: Carla Maxton Birthday: January 3rd Age: 15 Year: 5 House: Ravenclaw Wand: Oak Wood, Twelve Inches, Unicorn Tail Core Blood Type: Half Blood Quidditch: Keeper Pet: A horned owl named Library Sexuality: Straight Shippable: Yes, she's SINGLE PEEPS Likes: Books; Rules; School; Painting Dislikes: Rulebreakers; Troublemakers Personality: Rule-Stickler; Passive-Aggressive in Her Arguments; Passionate About School and Her Friends; Studious; Bookworm; Smart Description: Black hair with blue ends pulled into a ponytail, held by a blue bow; mocha-colored skin; crystal-blue eyes; paint cover face; wear her robes like a pro, adds fingerless gloves for "extra protection against the mistakes of first years in Potions" Backstory: She's grown up half believing in magic, half not. She was always pressed to be the "perfect" student, "as befitting a Ravenclaw", as her father would say. She's real passionate about all of her work, and she hates discriminatory people in anything. Be discriminatory around her, and you will find yourself on the wrong side of her wand Notes: Hates discrimination; loves books </details><details>
<summary>Dylan Li</summary>
Name: Dylan Li Birthday: March 8th Age: 15 Year: 5 House: Slytherin Wand: Sycamore Wood, Fifteen Inches, Phoenix Feather Core Blood Type: Pure-blood Quidditch: Seeker Pet: a Golden-masked owl named King Sexuality: Straight Shippable: No, he's dating Liegha Macentire (You can TRY doing a romance RP with him, no promises it's going anywhere) Likes: School; Liegha; Magic Dislikes: Most People Personality: Cold; Stuck-Up; Depressed' Rude Description: Black hair with bangs falling in eyes slightly and white ends; eyes as black as night but shimmer at the same time; Slytherin robes Backstory: He grew up in a rich, Pure-blood household, his mother was British and his father was Chinese. He knew he was a wizard from the moment he was born, and is a little...weird on the subject of Muggle-borns and half-bloods. He accepts them, but because of his family, he acts like they're nothing. He actually got on the wrong side of Liegha when he first met her and Mia because of his fake attitude. It took him forever to get her to accept his apology Notes: Has a depression, but hides it well; is conflicted on the Muggle-borns and half-bloods because of family and his own beliefs </details></details><details>
<summary>PERCY JACKSON OCS</summary>
<summary>Andy Pearce</summary>
Name: Andreameda Pearce (Head Counselor) Nicknames: Andy, Rea (But you will die if you call her that) Age: 15 Birthday: May 14 (Or July 14 if your OC isn't a year-round camper but I need her birthday for plot convince XD) Years at Camp: 13 Godly Parent: Poseidon (Granddaughter of Hades) Mortal Parent: Heather Pearce (Daughter of Hades, Deceased) Abilities: Control Water, Talk to Horses, Breathe underwater Mortal Family: Andrew Pearce (Older Brother, Son of Zeus, Deceased) Weapon: A trident keychain that can turn into any weapon she wants Description: Mid-back length black hair with blue highlights, pulled into a ponytail; sea green eyes; skin that tans easily and pales easily; wears her Camp Half-Blood shirt tied up; black jacket with gray sleeves and hood, tied around her waist; jorts with the edges frayed; brown leather boots; red Hephaestus scarf tied around neck; silver necklace with a clam shell locket, pearl inside locket Personality: Bipolar; Energetic: Friendly: Playful; Cold; Snappy; Fierce; Distant Likes: Water; Horses; Swimming; Surfing; Skateboarding; Roller Skating Dislikes: Her Past; People Who Talk Too Much; Rude People Backstory: Her mother was one of Zeus’ girlfriends, so when he found out she had a kid with Poseidon, he ended up setting their house on fire. Both Andrew and Andy weren’t home, so only their mother died. They made it to Camp Half-Blood from Miami, and she’s been there ever since. Her brother died on a quest when she was ten, and she found the only escape in Alan Simon Harold, a son of Hephaestus who became her boyfriend. He disappeared three years ago, and she’s been hoping he would come back ever since. Notes: Can open a gate to the Underworld in a body of water (Salt water works best); has PTSD with storms; is the only demigod who can sit still for four hours on end Maria/Anahita Ravenwood made this, but it is my character</details><details>
<summary>Skye Hawthrone</summary>
Name: Skye Hawthorne (Head Counselor) Nicknames: Sy, Thorn (By her brother cause he’s a jerk) Age: 16 Birthday: September 21 Years at Camp: 10 Godly Parent: Ares (Granddaughter of Apollo) Mortal Parent: Samantha Hawthorne (Daughter of Apollo) Abilities: Whatever Ares does, Intense Musical ability, Great Shot (Bow and Arrows) Mortal Family: Addam Hawthorne (Twin Brother, Son of Ares, Grandson of Apollo) Weapon: A Celestial Bronze sword that also turns into a ring Description: Bright red waist length hair, pulled into a ponytail, bangs fall in face but never in eyes; bright blue eyes; a scar from the left corner of her lip to her left ear; Camp Half-Blood shirt has it’s sleeves torn off; wears torn jean capris; combat boots; has military jacket (cause her mother’s part of the army, kind of like Frank’s mom); silver ring (sword) on her left middle finger; ruby studs in her ears; left ear has a band on the top with a chain connecting to a side hoop above the ruby; right ear has three hoops on the top; fingerless black gloves Personality: Playful; Can be Rude Sometimes (Daughter of Ares, what do you expect?); Competitive; Artistic Likes: Skateboarding; Roller Skating; Motorcycles; Fighting; Music Dislikes: Addam; Silence; Inaction; School Backstory: Uhhhhh…… Notes: She tends to steal her brother’s motorcycle outside of camp; plays music in the Ares cabin ALL THE TIME, Is Andy’s Best Friend </details><details>
<summary>Alan Simon Harold</summary>
Name: Alan Simon Harold Nicknames: Al, Harhar (Jerks only) Age: 16 Birthday: November 12 Years at Camp: 10, before he disappeared three years ago Godly Parent: Hephaestus Mortal Parent: Mary Harold Abilities: Great Inventor, Controls Fire Mortal Family: None (Is somehow distantly related to Leo Valdez, honestly) Weapon: Can literally make anything he wants, his fire, a hammer that turns into a sword Description: Curly brown hair often pulled back; skin that’s been tanned from being in a forge all day; Camp Half-Blood shirt is all burned from random fires; ripped jeans; black sneakers; fingerless gloves; goggles to protect his eyes; bright orange eyes (At camp) Hair is a mess and shoulder length; pale skin cause he hasn’t seen any sun in three years; clothes are torn and damaged, often seen wearing a tablecloth when he can’t find what remains of his shirt (After disappearance) Personality: Basically a More Focused Leo (At Camp); More Aggressive and Angry (After disappearance) Likes: Inventing; Fire; Andy; Silence Dislikes: Inactivity; School Backstory: His mother was nineteen when she met Hephaestus. She had a troubled childhood, similar to what Hephaestus went through, so he pitied her. She always expected him to be there, especially once she found out she was with a child. But after Alan was born, Hephaestus disappeared, leaving Mary with a newborn baby when she was only nineteen. She dropped out of college, and tried to keep them happy. But she soon lost hope and became an alcoholic. So Alan had a pretty tough first few years. When he was three, Social Services came to take him to a foster home. He was lucky to have been placed in one where a satyr happened to be stationed. He was seven in human years, and knew instantly Alan was a demigod. For a three year old, his scent was powerful. So Chuck, the satyr (Yes, Gleeson Hedge’s son), took him to camp, and Alan felt right at home, more at home than his original home felt to him. When he was around ten, his mom caught him in the middle of a quest. She told him she was better, and to give her another chance. So Alan said at the end of the summer he’d go home and try again. That fall was the first actual school he went to. Around March a guy who claimed he was from Social Services came to “bring Alan back”. But Alan saw him for what he really was. A monster. And since Alan never went anywhere without his trusty sword, he was able to kill the monster before it hurt him. Of course, all the school officials saw, and he was forced to run. His mom lived in Tennessee, so he had to hitch a ride with a mortal to get to Memphis so he could catch a plane to New York. A couple monster attacks later, he was back at camp, and has only left for quests. Notes: Was Andy’s anchor after she lost her brother, Made her weapon and her necklace, gave her his scarf before his final quest, Is somehow distantly related to Leo Valdez </details></details><details>
<summary>FANTASY OCS</summary>
Name: Helena Age: 24 Birthday: June 4th Abilities: Fighter, hint of magic Description: Purple hair reaches mid back, but is pulled most of it into a low ponytail, a section is held in the front, so there is a group of hair brushing her face; orange eyes that shimmer; a pale blue tunic, with a belt wrapped around her waist; Her rapier hangs on the belt, right where her hand falls naturally; She wears light brown pants and brown heeled boots; brown cloak wrapped around her shoulders, hood often pulled up Personality: Strong; Fighter; Fierce; Intimidating Likes: Unknown really Dislikes: UHHHH idk Backstory: SPOILERS FOR The Temple of Darfius, WHICH I WROTE AND RECOMMEND READING! IT'S IN THE HOGWARTS LIBRARY Notes: Link for the book!! </details><details>
<summary>Ashe Draikon</summary>
Name: Ashe Draikon Age: 17 Birthday: August 9th Abilities: Fighter, Fire Magic Description: Short red hair barely brushing ears; tan skin; orange-yellow eyes that glow golden when she uses her magic; red tunic with brown pants and boots; black fingerless gloves; golden dragon armband with ruby eyes wrapped around her upper right arm; bronze circlet with a ruby on her head; sword is bronze with a ruby on the hilt Personality: Strong; Fighter; Fierce; Intimidating; Loving; Caring Likes: Fighting; Fire; Annalisse Dislikes: Water (But not Fathom); Peak Backstory: She grew up in the Holy City of Meyna, the city which holds the Fire Temple. Her mother was the Temple Guardian, the person who poses as the biggest test for the Elemental Guardians of the Queen in getting the Elemental Jewels. Ashe trained to be the next Temple Guardian her whole life. But there was something off about her. She was born with a lot of Fire Circuits, so many that her mother nearly died giving birth to her. She trained to suppress it, but when she was playing with her friends, she accidentally lost control, and burned the entire city to the ground. She was around five when this happened. So she fled, and somehow found herself in the Capital City, Lieta. She was drawn to the sword, and started training. A few weeks in, she was chosen to be the Fire Guardian. She is now the Captain of the Elemental Guardians, and is dating Annalisse, the Princess of Lieta and the Ice Guardian Notes: Is the Captain of the Elemental Guardians; destroyed her whole village when she was only five; is actually they sole heir to the throne of an ancient, previously thought extinct, civilization of people </details></details><details>
<summary>MUGGLE OCS</summary>
<summary>Sushi Roll</summary>
Name: Sarah "Sushi Roll" Reynolds Age: 16 Birthday: May 24th Abilities: None, other than being AWESOME Description: Dark blue hair pulled into two small low ponytails; bright pink eyes; a heart birthmark on her face; dark blue sweater with white and pink stripes along the top; dark purple skirt with pink fluff at the bottom; dark blue boots with pink soles; sometimes has wolf ears and tail (Cause she's a flip-flop, if Muggle rps have some form of magic in them, than she has the ears and tail, other times they're a headband and ribbon attachments) Personality: Playful; Energetic; Crazy; Motherly; Kind; Caring Likes: Sushi; Playing Games; Hanging Out With Friends Dislikes: Vegetables; School Backstory: Notes: idk </details><details>
<summary>Autumn Lilac</summary>
Name: Autumn Lilac Age: 17/24 (Depends on RP) Birthday: July 21st Sexuality: Bisexual Abilities: Can create/control fire and lava, Amazing Singer Description: Light red hair cut off so it's brushing her ears on her left side, reaching her shoulder on her right, skin is slightly tan, piercing flame-blue eyes, Personality: Kind; Sweet; Loving; Motherly; Strong; Fierce Likes: Flowers; Summer; Fire; Fall; Hot Things; Hot Chocolate; Singing Dislikes: Cold Things; Winter; Water </details><details>
<summary>Alice Heartstrings</summary>
Name: Alice Heartstrings Age: 15 Birthday: December 10th Abilities: Psychic powers/Alter Ego Description: Blonde hair in ringlets that reach her chest; bright blue eyes; a blue dress with a white apron over top; white stockings; black flats; a blue ribbon neatly in her hair; (School uniform) a pale pink dress with white lace on the sleeves and underneath; a pink choker with white lace; see-through white stockings; white heels with a pink strap on the ankle and soles (Alter Ego) A dress so blue it's almost black; the dress, apron, and stockings are torn; her hair is white with black streaks; her eyes are entirely black; one of her shoes is missing, the other is badly damaged; she's covered in blood Personality: Very Emotional, Is Known To Cry Often; (Alter Ego) Very Sadistic and Narcissistic; Doesn't Care About Anything Other Than Inflicting Pain Likes: Her Cat; Being Alone; (Alter Ego) Inflicting Pain; Still Her Cat Dislikes: People Being Mean; (Alter Ego) Anyone Escaping </details><details>
<summary>Carlos Bailey</summary>
Name: Carlos Bailey Birthday: May 18th Age: 16 Abilities: He's a smart dresser, can pick locks with incredible speed, and smell food from a mile away (not kidding) Description: Messy red hair, bright blue eyes, freckles covering his entire face; he often wears corgi shirts underneath a white and teal tie-dye hoodie that's like, two sizes too big; white jeans which are sometimes ripped; white boots with black soles Personality: He's very smart, and can come back with a quick remark faster than anyone, but he is very insecure. He's often bullied cause of his sexuality, and his family (his mother, father, and like, five sisters) often ignore him (or are yelling at him). Because of this, he can be seen as shy to new people, often hiding his face in the collar of his hoodie, or in the graphic novels he's often seen reading Likes: Reading; Drawing; Making Jokes; Sometimes Pranking People; His Best Friend; Boys; Manga Dislikes: Bullies; Religious People (seriously, don't ask); His Family; Cats (I...I'm not getting into this one); Spatulas (Seriously. His reaction is glorious when he's near a spatula, and I'm not gonna go into why UwU) Notes: Has a minor form of depression, but it does sometimes spike; kicks his shoes off when he's nervous or stressed </details></details><details>
<summary>GRAVITY FALLS OCS</summary>
<summary>Mayleen "Max" Pines</summary>
Name: Mayleen "Max" Pines Age: 17 Gender: Transgender Male Sexuality: Gay (Demiromantic Bisexual, leaning more towards boys) (Thinks he's gay XD) Parents: Dipper and Sydney (OC, Deceased) Pines Siblings: Maxwell Pines (Twin Brother, Deceased) Magic Color: Light Purple Magic Types: Fire (Element), Attack/Defense (Fight), Shifting/Pranking (Force) Description: Short light brown-blonde curly hair that's just past his ears, pale skin with freckles lightly dusted on his cheeks, is heterochromic (left eye is blue and right eye is green), wears a dark blue hoodie with a dragon design on it, jean capris, leather boots, sometimes wears fingerless gloves and sometimes wears a black beanie Personality: He's kind and playful, but also really secretive. He's great at lying, as he was lying about his gender for pretty much fifteen years before finally coming out to his dad. He barely remembers his twin brother, but does have some flashes of memory. He also is very smart and can pick up on just about any little change in any one's attitude and can follow a mystery like no body's business Likes: Mysteries, his cousins, his dad, fantasy books, studying, reading in general, cats Dislikes: Bullies, racists, homophobes, school, stereotypical blonde girls, transphobes, heterochromphobes (people who don't like heterochomic people, I get it's not a real word but shove off. It is now) Notes: Wonders what the marks on his dad's arm are for; barely remembers Maxwell; doesn't know much about his mom; really doesn't know much about the world of Gravity Falls or what happened to his dad during his summer there; is oblivious to literally anyone who flirts with him; gets annoyed when Noah flirts with everyone</details><details>
<summary>Noah Northwest-Pines</summary>
Name: Noah Northwest-Pines Age: 17 Gender: Cisgender Male Sexuality: Straight Parents: Mabel and Pacifica Northwest-Pines Siblings: Ali Pines (Half-sister), Nora Northwest-Pines (Little Sister, 6) Magic Color: Dark Blue Magic Types: Ice (Element), Defense (Fight), Flirting (Force) Description: Short blonde hair and blue eyes, he wears polo shirts and long pants with loafers. Yes, he's a Momma's Boy. Personality: He's kind of like a perfect blend between Mabel and Pacifica. He has Mabel's tendency to flirt with every girl he meets, but he also can get stuck up and snooty with other boys. He also is closed off to most of his own family, only entirely open with Max because Max is easy to talk to and is going through harder things than Noah right now. He's an overprotective older brother, but hates it when he has to be saved by Nora or Ali. Especially Nora. Likes: Girls, Flirting, Parties, Money, Feeling Important/Heroic Dislikes: Boys, Being Ignored, Being Saved, Feeling Useless/Weak Notes: He actually has multiple personality disorder and schizophrenia, meaning he's often talking to himself and everyone who doesn't know him think's he's crazy or a witch</details><details>
<summary>Emily Curdory</summary>
Name: Emily Curdory Age: 17/18 (Depends on Roleplay) Gender: Cisgender Female Sexuality: Lesbian Parents: Will (Wendy) and Liam Curdory Siblings: None Magic Color: Pink Magic Types: Ice/Water (Element), Support (Fight), Art/Healing (Force) Description: Long red hair pulled into a ponytail, she's also got green eyes and freckles (all from her "dad"), along with tan skin (from her dad). She wears a white t-shirt with overralls that have a lesbian pin attatched to them that tends to be covered in paint spots. She also has paint splattered on her face as well, and carries a huge backpack that's covered in paint and has art supplies sticking out of it Personality: She's calm and easy going, really easy to get along with. She's the only Curodry not interested in becoming a lumberjack like the rest of her family and instead pursues her art. She often goes to art camp in the summer, meaning she's never around during the summer. She understands a lot more about Gravity Falls than one would think, as many people mistake her for being an air-head. Likes: Art, Music, Nature, Animals, Cute Things, Her Family Dislikes: Loud Noises, Fire, Destruction, Global Warming, War, Hate, literally anything negative Notes: I sometimes use her in a "during-show rp", but she's never in town during the summer so she never experinced Weirdmaggedon. When I use her in such rps (meaning not next-gen), she's Wendy's little sister and is much the same as she is in her usual form</details><details>
<summary>Nicole "Nay" Cipher-Thompson</summary>
Name: Nicole "Nay" Cipher-Thompson Age: 149 (15) Gender: Non-binary Sexuality: AroAce (AA) Parents: Bill Cipher (Demon) and Lucinda Thompson (Vampire) Siblings: None Description: Long white hair pulled that's mostly falling down their back with a section of it pulled into a ponytail. They've got incredibly pale skin and deep red eyes. Their eyes have a pinkish hue to them, but they're mostly red. They wear a white shirt under a black sweater, usually wearing jeans and sneakers as well. They've also got a necklace with the Star of David on it as well. Personality: They're usually calm, but they are tempermental. Much like their dad, they can have moments of rage, but they can easily control these. They does have periods where they crave blood and distances themselves from people until these cravings pass. They pass as human most of the time, which is really easy, surprisngly Likes: ??? Dislikes: ??? Notes: Is actually an albino vampire, can do deals like Bill but doesn't like doing it, their mother died from luekemia (Ironic)</details></details><details>
<summary>DDLG/MDLG OCS</summary>
Name: Penny, Last Name Unknown Birthday: April 2nd Age: 16-17 Abilities: She brings misfortune wherever she goes/luck manipulation Description: Long orange-ginger hair often pulled into a ponytail with a curl on the end and held by a big pink bow; bright green eyes that are often sad, lost, or distant; freckles cover her pale cheeks; often wears a white tee shirt with a light green-teal hoodie over top, a black skirt, and black boots. Personality: She's very shy and lonely. Because she doesn't remember much about her past, she often comes across as sad, lonely, lost, distant, or sometimes even cold. She takes a long time to open up to people and it always on her guard. She is also very quiet but can have random emotional spurts. Likes: Rain; Boba Tea; Anime; Reading Dislikes: Being Asked About her Parents; Talking About Her Past; Orphanages Notes: Her first memory of her waking up in a cardboard box in a rain storm a couple blocks from an orphanage when she was twelve</details><details>
<summary>Daniel "Danny" Meyers</summary>
Not much info yet, little boy</details><details>
<summary>Raven Matthews</summary>
Not much info yet, Mommy</details><details>
<summary>Jackston "Jack" Christian</summary>
Not much info yet, Daddy</details></details><details>
<summary>VAMPIRE + WEREWOLF OCS</summary>
<summary>Charles "Charlie" Henry Jackson</summary>
16, Vampire, more to come</details><details>
<summary>Nicole "Nay" Cipher-Thompson</summary>
149, Vampire/Gravity Falls OC, more above</details><details>
<summary>Micheal "Mike" Matthew Ingelton</summary>
16, Werewolf, more to come</details></details>
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