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Vio? You there? Checked my new backstory yet? Bitch I love you. You're my bestest & funniest friend & Click on our names in our backstory and u get a boom!~Mia

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Be the image you wish to paint. And if you don't have a paint brush, use your fingers dummy! What are they for?


→mridula vishakha chawla
→mahi, mimi, mia, ni-ni, vish; mia-star(i-star only); gimme more!
→she/her ‖ they/them
→bi(male lean)
→single and so broken
→enfp; extro, bitchy, funny, loving, very friendly ‖ calls you darlin' easily.
→likes doggies, studying, cookings, sleeping, k-pop, vegan food, painting, music.
→hates annoying living creatures, for e.g. harry potter haters, k-pop haters, my besties' haters; photography(my hands won't stay still).
→arachnophobic and super acrophobic
→mhao pups: a hell lot, bitch.


Oh My God! Did you just take me seriously? I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you... *a min later* "you b*tch"!


→victorie amanda de caprio
→vicky, vicks vapo rub(oof im fed up of this one-), hubby(only palak pls), catty; kill me!
→singlee(hit me up~)
→esfj?; ambi, cocky, friendly, a bit shy. .
→likes kittens, singing, wellington, food, chess, curtains, silk.
→hates fights, being rude to ppl, tea.
→ has mild(medically: malignant) brain tumour
→thank you(s): cookie, vish, nicks, palak<3.


The worst(est) creation of God? Hah, there's no doubt, that's me, of course!*so proud*


→eveleen crystalline maristile
→eve, evina(ask); ofc fucking gimme more!
→i am so fucking confused what i am
→straight ig
→forever leo's<33
→fuck off-idk ijk that i am a terrible person
→likes clubs, dancing, getting high, is usually drunk.
→hates me, me and me. also, i forgot to mention maybe that i hate me.
→ has lilapsophobia
→mentions: you-?


I'll kill you if you dare hurt my sister or friends. I swear not just to God but to you as well, you will RIH.


→jake levior jackson
→cookie, jake and the beanstalk(only mahi); no more!
→xe/xim ll submissive guy
→bi(female lean)/poly and max 3 { 1/3 }
→taken by m'beautiful and available
→idk; funny, loving, protective, flirty.
→likes LGBTQ+, singing, exo, twice, west life(thx irene for introducing me to them UwU), COOKIESSSSS and you(jk or rlly-?)
→hates creepy flowers, halloween and horror movies.
→mentions: catty, siddieeeee(eeeek), mahi, jahnvi.


I am me and I am amazing! Life begins when the egg is broken from inside. Great things always start from the inside.


→dane r. wordsworth
→nicks, mr. dandanadan(haha, mahi, palak and you may ask), nic(vicks); a nickname for a nickname!
→infj; omni, smart, adorable, charming but respectful, kind, cutee
→likes being myself, singing, sleeping<33, trying out new things, chemistry(the subject).
→doesn't like my cheek being pulled(that really hurts), snakes, people hurting my sister.
→cheers: ni-ni, vicky, jake, lills, palak, mamamia.



→don't try to act smart and jump into random convos(exceptions for friends).
→don't even "try" to mess with my lovely bitches; check out my mentions AGAIN~Mia
→pls don't hurt this acc: ✩The Life Bakers✩(click me).
→follow for follow policy.
→pls don't violate any rules.
→thanks for reading!


creds to ophelia(click me)bitch1(click me) & bitch2(click me) for the backstory.

creds to aakanksha(ding dong) and her friend(click clack) for the carrds.

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