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~Special mentions! I feel like it’s time for this, now. Kahala Naga~ My first ever roleplay I was able to keep for more than a day. Alex Minette/ Arika Scamander~ Also a part of my first roleplay kept more than a day. Beatrix Malfoy~ Awesome is a word used to describe you. Ace/ Pierce~ The person who got me into Percy Jackson. Opal~ The funniest roleplay I had ever gotten in was with you. Wisteria Brown~ Got me into other roleplay styles besides Harry Potter. Renè Weasley~ My longest ever roleplay. Harmony Granger~ Congrats, I was there when Harmony was told she was having twins. A bunch of Crazy kids~ You really live up to you’re name. Hazel Anderson~ You are kind, and an amazing role player. Entire Greengrass family~ You guys are an amazing bunch, and I've role played with a few of you. Holly Greengrass~ You are very brave for adopting that many children. Mia~ You are a savage. No questions asked, a savage. You is the first person who put me in their special mentions. Thank you. J.J Shaw, depressed angel: You makes me cry laughing and die laughing at same time. What I’m trying to say is you is very funny ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~General OC’s~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Name: Luna Riddle. Quote she lives by: There is nothing to fear, but fear itself. Nickname: Moon. (Significant other, if you call her that without my or her permission she’ll get extremely mad.) Riddle. (Any Malfoy, or enemy she may make.) Lu. (Only if she trusts you on a level she would literally go to Azkaban for you, be a social out cast for you, and be hated by all for you.) Gender:Non-Binary, She/They. Sexuality: Omnisexual, Male Preference. Notes: Suicidal in the few first years of Hogwarts. Low fertility, and a higher chance for miscarriages. If there is a situation where she becomes angry, their eyes will glow dimly. If there is a situation where she becomes rageful, her eyes will glow a bright black, and black veins pop out of her skin. They are not aware in the latter of these two states, and in the very worse, her entire body surrounds in a dark aura will send of a black smoke that will billow and knock out anyone who breathes In too much of it. Has panic attacks, and friends help them get over it the easiest. Luna is immensely powerful, but very weak emotionally from the immense amount of mental abuse they’ve been through. Her mother died at a very young age, and her father left them. Brought to Azkaban at six years old. She got out at eight, and lived with her half-blood foster parents whom abused the power they had over the child. Looks : Long black hair with white sparkles at the top. Pale skin, with a slight rosy undertone. Skinny but not bone skinny so has an hourglass figure that is skinny. About 4’7 in first year but at seventh year about 4’11. Wears tube tops and crop tops. Wears jeans and leggings. Wears tennis shoes and black leather boots. Fake leather obviously. Wears a black jacket with face fur and gold accents. Personality: kind but pushes unknown people away. Runs from her problems instead of facing them. Good at making friends but a little shy to new people. Backstory: I’m a first year student at Hogwarts and it’s a blast. I love all the classes. A Gryffindor If muggle, then her last name is Sarandria Name:Lana Kire Quote she lives by: Don’t fake love just because all you’re friends found it. Nickname: Gender: Woman, She/Her Sexuality: Pansexual Looks: Brown hair from blonde roots and to mid section of hair. Natural makeup with a beige eye and deep red lip. Wears off the shoulder shirts and jean skirts or black leggings or black skirts. If it’s chilly she wears a light jacket. Type of werewolf is arctic so she doesn’t get very cold. Very pale with an hourglass figure. Wears her deceased father's wolf tooth on a necklace and a jade bracelet. In first year she’s 5’0 but by seventh year she’s 5’7 Personality: protective and kind but very shy and secretive. Hides her wolf tail and ears when around other people. She wears a hoodie if her tail and ears are starting to show. Backstory: From the Kirn tribe she is the deceased alphas daughter and the next one in line for being an alpha. She headed to Hogwarts as a protection for her not being killed by her jealous 50 brothers and sisters. A Gryffindor Name: Lucianna Malfoy Gender: Pangender, Any Pronouns Sexuality: Bi, Feminine (Not Woman, Feminine) Preferance Looks: Silver blonde hair that goes to her shoulders. Clear complexion with a few freckles on her nose. Hourglass figure and a little skinny but not super skinny. 4’9 in first year in seventh year 5’5. Wears green tube tops and overalls. She wears a deep red lip, and a green eyeshadow. Personality: A hot-head and stress building girl, she takes out her anger on others. Her and her twin brother get along, but when it comes to serving Voldemort she got her dark-mark three years before him. She was stronger than him, faster and smarter too. She hated it and to rebel from her family she wore tattoo grade concealer on her arm and dated a bunch of Gryffindor boys, including Harry Potter. When they found out about her dark-mark, she wanted to tell them it was against her will but they wouldn’t believe her. So she and Draco were now bad in the trios eyes against Lucianna’s best attempts. When she cut the skin lair that had the dark-mark they finally excepted she hated Voldemort as much as them. A Slytherin Name: Arianna Alandria Gender: Demi-Girl Sexuality: Lesbian Magical Talents: Can cast spells without a wand, can use all of her magic energy without feeling tired (just can’t cast spells), can use one big magic spell but after she faints Looks: Medium length wavy hair that is a black-blue like color with a sort of shimmer to it, button nose normal eyes that are a beautiful deep ocean color, wears a dark red lip balm usually with no eyeshadow small physique but quite strong, about 4’9 when you meet her but when she’s fully grown 5’3, wears very casual clothing, such as baggy tee’s and jean shorts when it’s warm or black leggings if cold usually seen wearing very baggy sweatshirts. Usually wears black or white tennis shoes. Personality: Secretive about everything, target of bullying, quidditch seeker, strong, always seen with bruises and cuts on arms and legs, does a lot of sports, half blood. A Gryffindor Elena Aquata Gender: Female Sexuality: Straight Looks: Short wavy dirty blonde hair, button nose and blue-green eyes, wears a dark red lipstick and natural eye makeup, small physique, 4’7 in first year in seventh year 5’3, wears blue tees and a black denim jacket, with leggings. If warm she wears crop-tops and black jean shorts if it’s warm, usually wears black hiking boots. In mermaid form an ombré blue to purple tail. Wears a purple shell bra. Personality: A mermaid like little mermaid. A little air-headed, but can make some smart decisions. Very aggressive, and pent up. Once your her friend she’ll kill anyone who hurts you. Has water powers, and can turn to her mer form or human form in the blink of an eye. Meadow Grace Gender: Non-Binary, They/He/She/It. Sexuality: Panromantic Asexual. Blood: Half blood Looks: Long wavy brown hair, that goes down to right under her shoulders. Icy blue-grey eyes, and tan skin. Has a small amount of freckles, and a small scar on her right arm, under the back of her hand from her dog that she snuck to Hogwarts. Two scars on her left shoulder going up and down. Softer features, and tiny ears. Right ear piercing is longer than left, due to a rip when she was trying to take out earrings. Wears very casual clothing. Never seen without black tennis shoes. 4’9 in her first year, 5’4 in Seventh. Personality: Kind, a little shy, outgoing, bubbly, extroverted, Disney child, klutzy when not doing gymnastics or dancing, brave, adventurous, cunning, loyal, intelligent. Will be very rude to you if you are mean to someone she cares about. Great at: Singing, Gymnastics, dancing, hula hooping, and video games. Also great at reading and studying, and taking notes. ~~~~~~~~~~~WoF OC’s~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Silkflower Looks: Black, with sparkles of colors, all colors. They almost glow when put in sunlight, sort of like glitter. Normal sized wings, and a slender body. White spirally horns. Abilities: Breathe Fire, tell future, read minds, because black and sparkly hides well in night sky, can breathe underwater, and can make her blue, teal, and green scales glow to speak aquat. Personality: Kind, a little reclusive, smart, outgoing, introverted. Type: A nightwing, seawing, rainwing mix. Possibly even more types. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~MHA~~~~~~~~~~~~ Arisu Shinzo Sexuality: Pansexual Gender: Under the Non-Binary umbrella somewhere, Any Pronouns. Quirk: Glass manipulation, and glass creation. Quirk limitations: When she uses her quirk for more than ten minutes at a time, cracks will start to appear in her skin, and afterwards she must take rests of two to three minutes, to heal the cracks. If she doesn’t, her skin will start to fall off, and she would bleed, her muscle being exposed. Hero outfit: a sleeveless white shirt, with a grey knee length sleeveless jacket. It also has ripped dark grey jeans, white white wrist length leather gloves. White calf length boots, and white bags on thighs. The white shirt is tucked into the dark grey jeans. The gloves are fingerless and have squares cut off on the top of the hands, making the entire thing a bit more punk. The boots have straps crisscrossing them in random directions, and the bags on the things hold important things like weapons. How she found out about her quirk: She was a late bloomer in her quirk, so late everyone thought she was quirkless. She found out about her quirk and ten, and was walking down the street and tripped. She threw her hands out in front of her, and was prepared for the sting of the concrete against her skin. She was surprised when it didn’t happen. She was shocked when she realized that she was being held up by two glass poles that had came out of her hands. Hair: Black hair, that is usually tied up into a messy bun. In her hero outfit, it’s tied into a long ponytail. Facial features: A button nose, in which Is always quite rosy. Her eyes are sleepy, even if she’s wide awake. Her red eyes pierce like fire into someone’s soul, if she so chooses for it to. She has quite clear skin. Her skin tone is tan, but quite light of a tan. Clothing style: A bit punk-ish, a bit alt rock. Personality: Kind, but is not afraid to hurt your feelings, or face if she must. Doesn’t show her emotions, but can become vulnerable if she trusts you.

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