Ally Moore

Im back :)

POV: You're stalking me rn.

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You dont compare to my level of thinking so why do you think you compare to my energy, huh?


Ally Moore

age: 12 to 17 

height: 5'6

status: single and would like to stay that way (im still a minor IRL so, dont even question it)

sexuality: straighter than a line segment

zodiac: really gonna question me? I dont believe that stuff...

likes: music, astronomy, physics, black holes, dancing, playing guitar, hiking, and camping.



Plz don't post anyone else's scandal on my wall and don't involve me in it.

If we're up-ing, make it interesting (Don't just type like [Your Character] shook their head)

Beware of the punctuation marks and use them diligently...

Give at least 2+ sentence replies (or something I can work with).

If we're dating in an rp, that's only till the rp so dont think that I have actual feelings for you!


Plz don't control my character

If u don't like the RP, just tell me. We can end it or change it entirely.

keep it real! dont expect me to just start a random RP with a random two-line post without a proper starter! (I mean that asterisk stuff, it just seems cringe. no offense!)


I may talk about some controversial stuff on my wall so dont get offended!

I got a life too so dont expect instant responses. 

If you won't follow these then I'll block you!! And we'll have a crap ton of bad blood.


NickNames: (ask first)









drop suggestioNs if you have


Special Mentions

(This is a section for people who are close to me and are good friends! <3)

note: I wont add anyone on their request, if i feel like I know you well, then only you'll be mentioned here!

<<Georgina (prefer George)>>

<<Julia Delacour>>

<<The 18>>

<<Alexia black>>

<<Katniss Greyback>>


<<The Society>>

<<Leorio Lucius Malfoy>>

<<Layla (from Eudaemonia)>>




(Yup! I do have a lot of Slytherin friends XD)


The more I stray, the less I fear And the more I reach, the more I fade away



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