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About Ginny S:

Age: 12

Year: 3

Pets: Rorry (Red Panda), Moochie (Crup)

Best Friends: Luna Johnson, Angelina R, Willa R, Kaitlyn Lovegood, Hadley Cooper, Rorry, Lily Evans, Annabeth                             Weasly, Annabeth Chase, Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and More!

Other Info: Her wand is Black with a green spiral around the handle, and the tip turns to a dagger with the right                         spell, Her favorite quidditch team is the holyhead harpies, and her house is Gryffondor. 


When Ginny S first arived at Hogwarts she was very thrilled, as most first years are when they arive. She loved everything about it from the enchanted cealing to the library. Especially when she learned students could publish books. She joined the Multi-House Quidditch team as a chaser and wrote many books for the library. She attends Camp Half Blood in the summers, and hangs out with Annabeth Chase and a few other people that go there. She is in the cabin of Athena. She is now in several groups including the Daily Prophet Editors. In her second year her hair changed from dirty blond to icy blonde because of a adventure and some frozen students. She also has a perminetly damadged wrist because of an explosion in transfiguration, so she wears a cast like glove, flexible and strechy like a hand. In her third year, also her current year, she has yet to have another adventure, exept for sneaking into the forbideen forest with her freinds to rescue a lost student. She has published lots of books in her 3rd year so far and you can check them out if you like!

Wall Rules:

1: Dont ask what the S stands for

2: Nothing Inapropriate

3: No Cursing

4: Go Follow: Angelina R, Luna Johnson, Annabeth Weasly, Rorry, Kaitlyn Lovegood and Hadley Cooper





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