Hannah Greengrass

Slytherin princess

My blood goes back centuries from a long line of death eaters I am always free to talk but be careful what you say or I might hex you!! I'm joking...

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I come from a long line of pure-bloods passed down from generation. I've tried to keep a low profile my whole life until I finally came to Hogwarts. I met 3 people and they became my pretty good friends their names are Blaise Zabini, Pansy Parkinson, and Draco Malfoy.

I've been friends with them since the first year and we all make fun of the golden trio together. My Father is a death eater and still is loyal to the dark lord to this day. There are many things I would change about myself but my looks are definitely not one. I play quidditch as a beater. I like reading, hexing people, and talking.

Muggleborns don't bother me. I've always tried to live in my family's shadows but know I need to pave my own path it's my time and everyone better stay out of my way.

If you wanna rp post on my board or owl me with an idea!


Metamorphmagus: Orange cat

Patronus: Weasel

Wand: Elmwood with a Unicorn core 10 ¾" and a Quite bendy flexibility

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