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"but now, there's nowhere to hide. since you pushed my love aside~"

About the owner

hey :] i'm Frankie (she/her or they/them). I'm a minor :) I speak English, basic Spanish and German. You can find my tiktok (@robbyskarategi). Basically, I'm obsessed with the 60's and 80's, so all RP's I do will take place during those time periods.

female OC's

name: Georgie Jean Randle

Backstory: a 16 year old girl born in Boston, New York. She has 17 year old brother named Steve. She loves arcades, drive-ins, and music.

name: Claudia Rae Lemon (pronounced: Leh-mon)

Backstory: 18 year old Claudia was born in Paris, France. Her parents were killed in a car wreck, forcing her to move to America at a young age. Her hobbies include painting, racing cars, and reading.

name: Tasha Diaz

Backstory: 19 year old Tasha was born in Seville, Spain. She, her parents, and 9 siblings moved to Canada when she was 5. She is Hispanic. Her hobbies include rollerblading, karate, and playing video games.

name: Nastasha Ellyanna Smith

Backstory: born in Minnesota, United States to her mom and dad. Natasha is a 20 year old, with an ambition to be the greatest. Her hobbies include reading, overworking herself, and spending time with those she loves. Nat will stop at nothing to get what she wants.

name: Adhara Elaine Black

Backstory: (HP OC) a cousin of the Black family. she is the closest with Sirius. her animagus form is a cobra snake. she is in House Gryffindor.

male OC's

name: Daniel Patrick Curtis

Backstory: Daniel was born in Ottawa, Canda. He's 16 years old, and he's known for playing hockey. His hobbies include playing hockey, reading, or living life to it's fullest.

name: James (last name unknown)

Backstory: James was born in Texas, United States. He's 17 years old, and not much is known about him. He's very mysterious.

name: Theodore (Theo) Harold Granger

Backstory: Theo was born in Florida, United States. He grew up with 8 siblings and in a Spanish-speaking household. He's very flirty, and hilarious. He's 18.

name: James-Daniels (JD) Micheal Adton

Backstory: JD was born in Darwin, Australia. He's 19, and he's known best for always being on the run. He's very brave and bold, and knows what he wants.

roleplay rules

  • long replies

  • don't ghost the rp

  • no rp's that have anything to do with ED, SH, or anything like that

  • give me time to reply. i'm not going to be on all day. i have a life

  • do not. and i repeat; do not control my characters. if this happens, i will block you

  • idc if you use strong language

  • no mature roleplays on HiH. we can do one on Discord, if you feel it's that important to the plot to the rp

  • don't make me have to start the roleplays all the time. it gets annoying. you need to do it if i do it. don't just leave it all up to me

  • don't spam me for a reply. i'll just block you

  • please (try your best) to spell things correctly and use proper grammer. i can understand if you're dyslexic or something like that, but it gets annoying having to dechipher what you mean everytime i go to answer the rp

  • please use proper punciation

  • remember that i have the right to drop the rp at anytime (as do you.) however, i'm not going to stay in one place forever. if the rp gets boring, i'm going to tell you that. don't make the rp all about your character/OC. it's our rp. not just yours.

  • i will not change the faceclaims for any of my OC's without a proper reason. "oh, i don't like it." isn't going to fly with me. if it's your face and you're uncomfortable with me using it, I understand. however, i'm not going to change it simply because you think it's ugly. they're my ocs, not yours

  • don't take my OC ideas. idc if you get inspired off of them, but copying them word-for-word isn't cool and it ain't gonna fly with me. ima call you out on it. idc


  • encanto

  • grease

  • karate kid

  • the outsiders

  • marvel

  • harry potter

  • cobra kai (S1-S4)

wall rules

  • just be respectful

  • pedos do not interact

  • DSMP DNI (well, only if you're one of the weird fans. the rest of y'all are pretty chill tbh)

"doing too much, relax a bit."

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