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monsters are made not born and any soul tortured and abused would not have time to mourn so when I defend the villain remember they were once broken and frail

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Name - Elliott-Sage

Pronouns - He/They/It

Nicknames - Clementine -Any friends- Sav -Savannah, Hannaha, and Selena- Dumpling -Tay- Tulip -Friends- Bee -Anyone

You can request any nicknames for mee 


(Credit: Me)

House - Hufflepuff Second house -Slytherin

Wand - Larch wood with a unicorn hair core, 11 ¾" and brittle flexibility 

Zodiac - Pisces 

Pets - Thor(Doggo), Popi(Dog), BamBam(Also dog)

Sexuality - Pansexual 

Patronus - St. Bernard Dog 

Relationship - Taken By my love Jake

Age: Why are you so nosy heh? 




Hair - Really short and curly/fluffy

Skin color - Pale as FUCK 

Eye color - Greenish blue 

Etc - I wear glasses


Fun Facts 

~Uhhhh I have been to like 3 funerals in 2020 

~I watch Dream SMP 

~I have D.I.D 

~I'm trans(FtM)


Fav Song Quotes (Rn)

 -Me and my husband we're doing better 

-Sometimes all I think about is you 

-I am the idiot with a painted face 

-You are not my hero. You don't know how it felt. What else could you do with the cards that I've been dealt 

-Without you, I'm just a sad song 

-I'm a waste of life I should just kill myself 

-I probably need therapy but I’m scared to start



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