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Name : Jess



Jess -

Age : 

Birthday : June 

Sexuality : Straight

Status : Single but he has my heart

Best Friends : Fel (Alien Hunters) & Rumple (Alien Hunters) 


Name : Nicole FC : Lauren Cimorelli


Nicky - Fel

Nick - E (Emery)

Princess - E (Emery)

Baby - E (Emery)

Age : 21

Birthday : June 15 2000

Sexuality : Straight

Status : Emery has my heart❤️ Personality : Doesn't like to talk about herself or her past, if she trusts you then she'll open up to you.

Hobbies : Painting & Reading

Friends : Fel (The Crazy Ones) , Nancy (The Crazy Ones) , Harriet (The Crazy Ones) , Stacey (The Crazy Ones) Olivia (The Crazy Ones) , Emery (✣ the triplets ✣) , Seb (rowdyruff ⋆ boys) & Jason (le gang)

Pictures of Prince Emery & I
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Paragraph for my boy, Emery Emery, god I don’t know where to start i thought you’d never like me back but you did. I’m so glad you like me back. Honestly, I didn’t trust guys at first but I began to trust you slowly yet surely.. Anyways, I love you so so much E. Name : Claire Fc : Ellie Thuman Nicknames Clarbear - Oli/Levi (Prince) Princess - Oli/Levi (Prince) Angel - Oli/Levi (Prince) Age : 20 Birthday : August 12 2000 Sexuality : Straight Status : Engaged to Levi, my one and only❤️ Personality : Shy usually but trusts the ones she loves the most Family : Child on the way, Oliver Andrews (Fiancee) Best Friend : axl black & Oli/Levi (Oliver Andrews) Friends : Leo (Mystics) Pictures of me and my prince (Levi)
alice in wonderland 2010 plot

alice in wonderland 2010 plot

alice in wonderland 2010 plot
Message for my prince I never though I'd ever fall in love but you caught me by surprise and took my breath away. You started calling me Clarbear and princess and I remember I was blushing and the girls were all making fun of me but i wasn't sure that you loved me.. I mean i'm just me, where as you're perfect. The moment you asked me out I was so happy i couldn't contain my happiness and ended up spamming Jess (If Jess reads this, i'm sorry) Anyways, my prince; My Levi.. You make me the happiest I've ever been. I love you so much Levi. My baby. My boyfriend. Forever and Always baby Name : Clarissa FC : Amanda Pavillard Nicknames Clari - Prince Charming (Mika) Princess - Prince Charming (Mika) Age : 22 Birthday : Jan 11 2000 Sexuality : Straight Status : Mika is mine❤️ Personality : Not a party type of girl, gets along with guys more, protective of those she loves, loyal Hobbies : Painting Best Friends: Mika (⌘) , Roger (The Crazy Ones) Friends : Braxton Hunter Pictures of my boyfriend (Mika) and I
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Paragraph for my beloved boyfriend Mika, honestly I found myself falling for you and I thought you myself that you'd never love me back out of all the girls.. But somehow you picked me. I'm shocked that you're mine and I'm yours. I'll never leave you. I love you so much Mika, my prince, my everything, my boyfriend, my baby boy, my boy, my one and only. Name : Livia Fc : Summer Mckeen Nickname : Livvy (Everyone) Liv (everyone) Livs (everyone) Queen - King (Leo) Age : 21 Birthday : July 15 2000 Sexuality : Straight Status : Taken by my king, Leo Personality : Outgoing, curious with most things Hobbies : Doing everything with my twin Friends : Leo (✣ the triplets ✣), Josh (The Musketeers),Nancy (The Crazy Ones) , Fel (The Crazy Ones) , Harriet (The Crazy Ones) , Stacey (The Crazy Ones) Olivia (The Crazy Ones) , Nicholas (le gang) , Mason (le gang) Pictures of my king (Leo) & I Message for my King (Leo) Leo, my king. I love you so much. I thought you’d never fall for me but you did. I’m so so so glad to have you in my life as my boyfriend. Never leave me baby, ever. I love you Leo. Name : Emily FC : Hannah Meloche Nicknames Em - My sisters & Luc Princess - Lucas (Luc) Family : Bella & Juliet Age : 21 Birthday : September 2 2000 Sexuality : Bi Status : Taken by my cutie,Lucas (Luc) Personality : Shy, closed off, flirty at times, likes parties, doesn't have much friends Friends : Lucas (dead souls), Ruby (dead souls) & Roger (The Crazy Ones) Pets : Rufus (Dog that I share with Lucas) Pictures of me and my cutie Lucas Pictures of me and Ruby Message to my cutie, Lucas Luc, honestly.. You make me the happiest girl in the world. You're literally everything to me and my whole happiness and world. Just talking to you make my days better. I can't believe I have a man like you as my boyfriend. I love you baby <3 Message to Ruby Ruby, where do I start. Although we aren't close.. You are a sweet and wonderful girl who I'm proud to know, you're basically family and I look forward to calling you my sister in law one day. Love you Rubs Name : Juliet FC : Olivia Rouyre Nickname Julie - Antoine (Antony) Family : Emily & Bella Age : 21 Birthday : December 25 2000 Sexuality : Straight Status : Crushing on this cutie Personality : Outgoing, shy at times, once she trusts you with her past you mean a lot to her. Friends : Antoine (✣ the triplets ✣) , Jeff (♕✧♕) , Cody (Cody & Dexter), Noah (The Musketeers) , Nicholas (The Crazy Ones) , Liam (The Crazy Ones) & Chase (The Crazy Ones)

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