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~•~ Information ~•~

Name: Sam Hasermed

Nationality: British

House: Hufflepuff

Birthday: November 21st

Place of Birth: London, England

Height: 5'10

Gender: Male (FTM) (Post-T)

Blood Status: Halfblood

Sexuality: Bisexual (Switch)

Taken?: Single

Nicknames: ? Family: Mother (Muggle, Doctor), Father (Wizard, Magical Zoologist), Two twin younger sisters (Both witches, 8 years old)

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Blue (left eye) Brown (right eye)

Facial features: Two different colored eyes, Gauges in both ears (black), Lip piercing (snake bites)

Pet: None

Personality: Anxious, Easily flustered, Sarcastic (when comfortable), Easy-going, Studious, Flirty (when comfortable)

Likes: Cherry flavored lollipops, Sweaters, Being called nicknames, Music Dislikes: Being called deadname or girl, Ignorant people, Having too many

Face Claim: Unknown

《~Fun facts~》 1) Sam has a fear of clowns 2) Sam is actually a really good cook 3) Sam knows alot about magical creatures 4) He hates being called a soft boy because of stereotypes about trans guys unless you mean it in a affectionate way 6) Sam loves pet names although he will never admit it


=×= Information =×=

Name: Milo Reaste

Nationality: Italian

House: Ravenclaw

Birthday: October 31st

Height: 6'0

Gender : Cis Male

Sexuality: Pansexual (Switch)

Taken?: My little one has my heart.

Blood Status: Full Blood

Family: Mother (Helga Reaste), Father (Thaddus Reaste), Younger Brother (Vincent Reaste), Aunt (Greta Kalr), Aunt #2 (Vanya Kalr)

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Blue

Facial Features: Gauges (both ears), Snake Bites, "Vampire" teeth Pet: A ferret named Quentin

Personality: Studious, Silent, Kind, Loving, Easygoing

Likes: Books, music, calming sounds, flower crowns Dislikes: People making fun of him for being mute Face Claim: Unknown

《 ~Fun facts~ 》 1) Milo loves Scooby-Doo and he has a special blanket of the cartoon 2) Milo can't cook. Whenever he does, he ends up with so many burns and scars 3) Milo knows alot about medicine and how to treat wounds. 4) Milo loves climbing trees.


(+) Information (×)

Name: Arlo Jay Carter

Nationality: Half - Norweigen / Half - Russian

House: Slytherin

Birthday: February 15th

Height: 5'9

Gender : Cis Male

Sexuality: Closeted Bisexual (Top leaning switch)

Taken?: Taken by my bunny

Blood Status: Full Blood

Family: Mother (Debra Carter), Father (Vincent Carter), Younger Brother (Baxter Carter)

Hair color: Brown with blonde tips

Eye color: Blue

Facial Features: Gauges (both ears), Snake Bites

Pet: A ferret named Doug

Personality: Flirty, Chill, Sarcastic, Mean at first

Likes: Video games, Quidditch, Partying, Knives

Dislikes: Not much really. Me and bunny:

Face Claim: Unknown


/-\ Information /-\

Name: Salem Nick Thomas

Nationality: Irish

House: Hufflepuff

Birthday: January 15

Height: 5'6

Gender : Cis Male

Sexuality: Gay (Bottom)

Taken?: Single (Idk if he's coming back, man)

Blood Status: Muggle Born

Family: Mother (Shauna Thomas), Father (Bob Thomas), Older sister (Kailey Thomas)

Hair color: Dyed White (Naturally brown)

Eye color: Grey

Piercings and Tattoos: Gauges (both ears), Septum

Pet: A cat named Luna

Personality: Shy, Soft, Friendly, Kind, Loving

Likes: Quidditch, Animals, Flower Crowns and dresses, Male crop tops, Anything wiccan

Dislikes: People being rude to him for being fem. Fc: Unknown



Name: Apollo Baz Pazton

Nationality: German

House: Gryffindor

Birthday: March 17th

Height: 5'8

Gender : Cis Male

Sexuality: Pansexual (Switch)

Taken?: Taken

Blood Status: Muggle Born

Family: Mother (Patrica Pazton), Mother (Zala Pazton), Hair color: Brown Hair (Dyed Blue)

Eye color: Hazel

Peircings and Tattoos: An eyebrow peircing, lip peircing, tongue peircing, and a tattoo sleeve of random doodles.

Pet: A cat named Monster

Personality: Friendly, Energetic, Laidback, Kinda dumb

Likes: Punk rock music, hair dye, knives, having fun, swimming Dislikes: People being judgemental
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------------------------------------------------------------------------------ =/= Information =/= Name: Benjamin 'Benji' Leo Barter Nationality: British House: Slytherin Birthday: Octobor 11th  Height: 6'0 Gender : Cis Male Sexuality: Bisexual (Switch) Taken?: Princess has my heart Blood Status: Half-Blood Family: Mother (Unknown), Father (Unkown), Grandmother (Veronica) Hair color: White Eye color: Blue Peircings and Tattoos: Gauges and a lip ring plus some devil wings on his back Pet: A dog named Scout Personality: Quiet, Calm, Laidback, Smart Likes: Punk rock music, Guns, Cigarettes, Books Dislikes: Being put in the spotlight
2019 jetta s 0 60

《》Information 《》

Name: Sebastian 'Seb' Jack Anderson

Nationality: Candian

House: Hufflepuff

Birthday: July 18th

Height: 5'4

Gender : Cis Male

Sexuality: Straight and poly (Bottom)

Taken?: Single

Blood Status: Full-Blood

Family: Mother (Paula Anderson), Father (Unkown)

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Grey

Peircings and Tattoos: Nose peircing, ear peircing

Pet: A rat named Squeak

Personality: Sweet, Exictable, Loving, Sarcastic

Likes: Sweets, Peircings, and skateboards

Dislikes: People judging him based on looks ------------------------------------------------------------------------

[<[ Information ]>]

Name: Jack Winston Williams

Nationality: American

House: Ravenclaw

Birthday: June 15th

Height: 5'8

Gender : Cis Male

Sexuality: Pansexual (Switch/ Doesn't care)

Taken?: Single

Blood Status: Muggle-Born

Family: Mother (Erica Williams), Father (Peter Williams)

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Brown

Peircings and Tattoos: Random doodles that he did by himself

Pet: A husky named Killer

Personality: Sarcastic, Laid-back, Chill, Always bored

Likes: Tattoos, smoking, doing stuff he shouldn't

Dislikes: Everything ------------------------------------------------------------------------

-×- Information -×-

Name: Pluto Graham Smith

Nationality: Korean-Japenese

House: Hufflepuff

Birthday: August 5th

Height: 5'5

Gender : Cis Male

Sexuality: Pansexual (Switch)

Taken?: Single

Blood Status: Pure-Blood

Family: Mother (Cassandra Smith)

Hair color: Dyed Red

Eye color: Brown

Peircings and Tattoos: Gauges

Pet: A cat named Tiger

Personality: Bored, Chill, Quick-witted

Likes: Sleep, Books, Video games

Dislikes: Ignorent people



Name: Fynn Martin

Nationality: French


Birthday: Why do you want to know?

Height: 5'7

Gender: I go by he/they pronouns. (AMAB)

Sexuality: Pansexual (Mystery)

Taken?: Single

Blood Status: Half-Blood

Family: To be added

Hair Color: Green

Eye Color: Idk, look into them and find out.

Piercings: Gauge, Double helix peircing, and a industrial


(+) Information (+)

Name: Myles Maxwell

Nationality: Scottish

House: Slytherin

Birthday: Feburary 18th

Height: 5'7

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bisexual (Male-lean) (Switch - bottom-lean)

Taken?: Taken

Blood Status: Halfblood

Family: To be added

Hair color: Blue and black

Eye color: Grey

Piercings: None



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