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My Ocs:

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Hi! I'm: Alistar, or Al

I am supportive of: LGBTQ+, BLM, and I'm pro-choice! (please don't fight me on any of these, I don't like conflict)

Pronouns: he/xe

Sexuality: Asexual and panromantic

Religion: Christian

Dislikes: Excessive swearing, homophobic/transphobic people, and creepy boys.

Likes: Charms, Astronomy, Herbology, Potions, Care for magical creatures, ASL, Star Trek, drawing, painting, and music (I play guitar).

And I do rp! My rp rules:

  • Please do at least 2-3 sentences for each reply. It gets boring quickly if you're just like [She smiles. “Thanks.” She says.]

  • I do not rp mature romance or other 18+ themes

  • I also don’t do rps with gore, violence, ect.

  • I won’t rp a fandom that I don’t know/like.

  • Don’t control my character or make your character super OP, it just isn’t fun or kind.

My OCs:

Eliza Miracle She/they: Gryffindor, life of the party, protective of Frankie, stands up to bullies.


Frankie Miracle They/them: Hufflepuff, loves frogs, sibling to Eliza, very compassionate.


Helina Gloshire She/her: Ravenclaw, similar to Hermione, very empathetic, collects dictionaries.


Jane T. Kirt She/any: Gryffindor, best friends with Leone, rule-breaker, flirts with anything that breathes.


Leone McKinnon They/any: Gryffindor, wants to be a doctor, friends with Jane, grumpy all the time, southern.


Michael Witt-Smith He/they: Gryffindor, half-brother to Saron, computer wizz, smirks constantly.


Monica Cross She/her: Gryffindor, bullied, independent, stands up for others, very sweet.


Saron Smith They/she: Ravenclaw, half-alien(Vulcan),has a girlfriend, stoic, half-sister to Michael.


Teragram(Tera for short) any: Hufflepuff, Android, very curious, loves mystery, claims to be emotionless.

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