Rex Ludvig& Mia Ludvig


A mischief at your service. Whoever wants to be the I among people, will be a slave for everyone

  • Joined August 2021
  • Member of Slytherin
  • 22 House Points
  • 1st Year
  • Germany


Students profile 

Hogwart's student: Rex McGonagall


Obedient, straight silver hairs with spiky ends reaching neck

No piercing

Grey eyes as if blind

Height 185 cm

Magical affinity: none

Special feature: eyes that do not acknowledge magic.


* Fragments from RM's diary

  • Spells have no effect. Any witch,wizard's presence are similar to an ordinary human. 


  • Not long after, the condition was named "common eyes". Existence of such people poses a great threat to magical beings. Presently, Ministry Of Magic is working on finding more people with "common eyes" throughout the world. 


  • As was mentioned the other day there are more. For now only me.

  • Potion, Charm, Defense Against the Dark Arts classes are of no use. I'll be sharpening abilities and expanding knowledge on Speed, Agility, Endurance etc. 


  • Curious as to how I got sorted into Slytherin? The hat won't speak so the choice was mine. 


  • In both I, II years attending all classes on Weapon fighting are mandatory. Finding what works best and what not is absolute. 

  • Though it looks lonely I'm enjoying them. 

  • I look forward to meeting another student at Hogwarts for becoming together the Future Guards of Magical world.


  • 'I respond to a leader because doing so is just what i want


  • Today Ms.McGonagall gave me and Mia a white paper. A phrase " caring blessing " appeared on mine, no other changes except for her's. A square paper was painted in red and black, a perfect line bordering with one another, " gilded whisper ". 



    Students profile

Hogwart's student : Mia McGonagall


Hairs of neck length, monoblue eye, pale skin

No piercing

Height 164 cm

Magical affinity: none

Special feature: common eyes


               * Fragments from Mia's diry

   Rex throw at me a notebook to record thoughts at leisure time. Thankfully it was wrapped well, otherwise the sound of its pages... When my end actions are seen through by him, it's not pleasant. 

It's dark green, one of tolerable colours. I'll take on his offer to put down moments into it, leaving it in dust is a waste for such paper. 

Day1. Time: Night. before:sleeping


Day(2) 7 days after. Time: Noon. 14:07

It's sunny. Although all night I underwent a combat training, I don't feel tiredness. Insomnia? 


Day(?) It's winter time. 7:00.

At 4 am my training session ended. At 7 am I woke up. Without being able to sleep further I looked through the window winter morning:it's still dark. Tiny microscopic diamonds shattered on all whiteness outside. 









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