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<center></center><center>Credits: Astrae Lyons</center>
<summary>RP Rules</summary>

  • I allow swearing, drug/alcohol usage, mature themes, basically anything but killing/ controlling my characters.

  • Do NOT control my character.

  • Don't spam me if I don't answer, my HiH doesn't always work. I'm not ignoring you, I promise.

  • If you want to change up the story, let me know first.

Age: 18
House: Ravenclaw
Status: Single
Sexuality: Straight Line
Role: Switch (Top Lean)
Backstory: Veronica is a descendant of the vampire-slaying family of Vanhelsings but she was turned into a vampire on her sixteenth birthday. She killed her father in a fit of rage after he abused her for what she was. She doesn't trust men easily.
Nicknames: Mistress, My star, Baby
<summary>FC + Aesthetic</summary>
Age: (Depends on RP)
House: Slytherin
Status: Single
Sexuality: Lesbian
Role: Top
Backstory: Lilac has earned the title of Slytherin princess from her assertiveness and anger. She is the daughter of Harry Potter but doesn't think of him as her father because of how he treats her because of her house. She hates when people try to control her and will do anything to get what she wants. She has more power over her house than any of the professors could ever have
Nicknames: Flower, Daddy/Mommy/Mistress
<summary>FC + Aesthetic</summary>
Fc: Emmy Rossum </details></center></details><details>
Age: 19-27
House: Gryffindor
Status: Single
Sexuality: Poly, Bi
Role: Switch (Bottom lean)
Backstory: Robin grew up loving the art of archery and the outdoors. She has a goofy and confident personality. She is known throughout Hogwarts for her sense of fashion and her humor. She loves to make jokes and just have a good time wherever she goes. Now, don't get on her bad side of you won't want to talk to her for a while. You'll usually find her in the forest shooting targets with her one of a kind rose gold bow. Her father is Harry Potter
Nicknames: Hummingbird, baby bird, lovebird, babygirl
<summary>FC + Aesthetic</summary>
FC: Anahi Puente </details></center></details><details>
<summary>Megan (Meg)</summary>
House: Slytherin
Status: Very Single
Sexuality: Bisexual, Poly
Role: Little, Bottom
Backstory: She was born into a pureblood family, but she never acted the way they wanted her too. She was very shy which made it easy to get what she wanted whenever she wanted it. She loves to walk through the forest and play Kalima (if you don't know what that is, look it up). She never ever wears black which she gets judged for a lot in her house.
Nicknames: Baby, Little mouse, Little one, Cutie
<summary>FC + Aesthetic</summary>
FC: Emily Rudd</details></center></details>
<center>BNHA OC</center><details>
<summary>Hachi (Pro Hero Name: Queen Bee)</summary>
Age: 18-23 (depends on Rp)
Quirk: BumbleBee (She has a pair of wings, antenna, and she's able to control large amounts of bees)
Status: Single
Sexuality: Poly, Bisexual
Role: Switch
Backstory: Hachi had always been the outgoing friend of the group, but don't let her good looks perceive you. She is the #4 Pro hero so she's not one to mess with. She also helps out at UA when the teachers are out. She normally helps in the training area to see how good the kids are in battle. She is easily flustered if you say the right thing to her. She is very protective of the people and things she cares about.
Nicknames: Honey bee, Mommy/Mistress, Princess
<center>DC OC</center><details>
<summary>Mira (Villian Name: Cat)</summary>
Age:17-22 (Depends on Rp)
Parent: Catwoman
Status: Aha.. I’m single
Sexuality: Bi- Poly
Role: Top energy (She's a bottom but she doesn't wanna admit it)
Backstory: Being the daughter of the one and only Catwoman comes with responsibility. Mira takes after her mom when it comes to being a villain but she has a unique way of getting what she wants. She'll tease the hero's and make them think she hasn't done anything wrong but then goes behind their backs and does what she needs to do. She does have a tendency to fall in love to fast, which slows her down sometimes but she'll always find a way around her feelings. But there’s one man that can get inside her mind.. and her heart. That’s Micheal. God how Mira loves him. She doesn’t always show it. Since he’s anti, he’s become kind of her partner in crime. They might be taken down soon if they’re not careful.
Nicknames: Kitty, Mi Amor (for the Latin kings), Kitty-cat
<center>Pirates of the Caribean OC</center><details>
Age: 19-28 (Depending on rp)
Crew Role: Captain
Status: Single
Sexuality: Straight
Role: Bottom, brat (She may come off as a top but pin her to a wall and she'll shut up)
Backstory: She is the only known daughter of Jack Sparrow. She had never met her mother, but her father said that she had been captured by opposing forces. After Jack became too old to run the ship, the divine Black Pearl was handed over to Ruby. Ruby takes great pride in calling herself captain of her fathers vessel. She also takes great pride in having control, until you have her pinned or tied down, then she's a real pushover.
Nicknames: Pearl, starfish, babygirl, baby, my star
<summary>FC + Aesthetic</summary>
Name: Audrey Birth place: Paris, France Age:20 (can change for rp) Status: Uhm, I’m his get over it ❤️ Sexuality: Straight Role: Switch {Bottom lean}, Brat energy ;p Backstory: After growing up in France until she was 16, she moved to America. Audrey is a loving, caring, kind woman. She loves to sing, swim and go roller skating. Audrey loves everyone until you give her a reason to hate you. Birthday: April 20 Nicknames: Babygirl, princess, mon amour (my love in french) FC: Madison Beer Name: Amber Birthplace: London, England Age: 18 (can change for rp) Status: Single and ready to mingle baby Sexuality: Straight.. or am I? ;) Role: Bottom, Brat Backstory: Amber is an easy-going, fun woman that is really easy to talk to. She has been labeled the 'therapist' friend because of her way with words and how she treats people. This trait can also be her downfall because she always puts others before her. She tends to throw herself onto people to be friends and she's one of the hard to get types when it comes to men. Nicknames: Dork {Friends}, Honey, babybird FC: Madelaine Petsch
2019 gti 0 60

2019 gti 0 60
The Princess Devan's sister Name: Princess Margret DelaRose Birthplace: London, England Age: 20 Status: I'm my own soulmate love Sexuality: Straight but curious Role: Bottom {Big top energy} Backstory: Margret has known nothing but the palace and royalty all her life. She was destined to be the queen one day. She has been waiting for the magical day when she would be crowned ruler of her country. But, she has a fear of messing up. But a princess never messes up... right? FC: Vannesa Hudgens Me and Devan:
The Prince

Margret's brother

Name: Prince Devan DelaRose Birthplace: London, England

Age: 27

Status: Taken by my princess <33

Sexuality: Pan cake

Role: Switch

Backstory: Devan has never really enjoyed royal life. He likes to go out and hang with the people than stay in a castle all day. So, in other words, he is the opposite of his sister Margret. But, he has his king worthy moment when he actually steps up to what his sister knows he can be. He is excited for his little sister to soon become queen. He always knew she'd get there one day FC: Zach Efron

Me and Margret:
Me and my princess:

The Baddest Bitch

Name: Luna

Birthplace: LA, California

Age: 17 (can change if needed for rp)

Status: I'm his ❤️

Sexuality: I don't give a fuck.

Role: Brat, bottom

Backstory: Luna grew up in a street racing family so that is all she ever knew, so she became one herself. She also sometimes starts the races as the flag girl. And damn if she wasn't good at racing. This bitch could basically hypnotize you with her looks to win her money. Fuck with her, you're dead, got it? Nicknames: Kid, babygirl, star. FC: Doja Cat

Me and bubba:

Your local trans queen

Name: Tanna

Birthplace: Orlando, Flordia

Age: 20 (can change for rp)

Status: Married <33

Sexuality: Trans (mtf), Queer

Role: Switch (bottom lean) Backstory: Tanna grew up in a very toxic household. She grew up as Ash (deadname) but as she grew up, she realized she wasn't born in the correct body. So she began working and started getting surgeries to fulfill her perfect body image. She is now a trans model and a social media influencer for her own clothing brand. She is so proud of what she has been able to overcome and is thankful to those who stuck by her. FC: Nikita Dragun Her favorite wigs: Her natural look:


The fox (MLB oc)

Name- Gianna

Parents- Alya and Nino

Miraculous: Trixx the fox

Birthplace: Paris, France

Age: 17

Birthday: August 18

Status: Single

Sexuality: Straight (respect that please)

Role: Bottom (Major top energy) Backstory: After years of superhero work, Alya and Nino give it up and get married. A few years later, they had Gianna. Gianna was a beautiful little girl and grew up into a beautiful woman. A sight for sore eyes. But one day, on her way to school, and elderly woman was crossing the road with a speeding car coming straight for her. Gianna dropped her backpack and helped the woman across the road, not noticing her slip the fox miraculous into her handbag. And from that day on, she was the new Rena Rouge FC: Avani Gregg Her hero suit:


The slightly toxic beauty

Name: Terra

Birthplace: Spain

Age: 21 (can change for rp)

Status: Single, woohoo..

Sexuality: Bisexual

Role: Bottom bitch, very, very bratty (obvi)

Backstory: Spain. Home of some of the most beautiful women. Including Terra. Terra grew up in a very... interesting household. Her father was a mob boss and her mother was a singer, so let's just say she has a very mixed personality. She loves the idea of money and being the rich badass that every man dreams of. Kind of the real world Harley Quinn. Now, when it comes to men let's just say she's a "man-eater". She'll win you over with her charm and assets, sleep with you, and take your money before running. She can't help it, it's just how she was raised. But, if someone can match her energy, she might just be won over and be yours. Be carful though. FC: H.E.R.


The aesthetically pleasing artist Name: Sage

Birthplace: Limestone, Maine

Age: 23 (can change if needed) Status: Single

Sexuality: Bisexual queen

Role: Power bottom

Backstory: Who doesn't love an artist? Sage is a quirky cute girl with an eye for the aesthetics of everything. She loves everything about, well, everything. She loves the small things and loves the beach the most. Which people find odd since she grew up in the north. She lives in Miami, Florida and she cannot wait to meet everyone! FC: Mxmtoon


It's not acting, it's drag bitch

Name: Aj

Drag Name: Nicole Divine

Birthplace: Los Angeles, California Age: 19

Status: Singe hoe

Sexuality: Very, VERY gay.

Role: Bottom bitch

Backstory: Aj grew up in LA and his parents were very supportive of him coming out as gay when he was 12. It was a shock to them when he then told them he was a drag queen. They supported him after getting used to it. Now he does drag shows in drag clubs across the country. He makes thousands of dollars so he is able to keep doing drag. It might not be as polished as everyone else is, but he will read a bitch to filth if he has too. In drag:

Out of drag:


Im a little crazy lmfao:


Name: Hallie 

Age: 19

Birthplace: Miami, Florida

Status: Single heh-

Sexuality: Bisexual {Male lean}

Role: Bratty bottom

Backstory: Growing up with two mom's is always a fun way to start out. She grew up loving color and expressing herself through fashion, makeup, and hair styles/colors so she's a bit all over the place. One day, you might see her as a sexy business woman and the next she's dressed as a child. She's a bit protective and possessive, but she's truly a sweetheart. She enjoys singing, dancing and baking (especially with a special someone ;) ) 


FC: Melanie Martinez



The Streamer

Name: Lilly Roberts

Age: 23

Birthplace: Sydney, Australia

Status: Single

Sexuality: Bisexual

Role: Bratty sub

Backstory: How does that one song go again? Oh yeah! Welcome to the land down under! Meet Lilly. Gorgeous and funny, she's been able to create a name for herself by streaming. She can absolutly crush anyone in any game imaginable. Growing up without such things and watching her mother die did take a tole on her, yes, but she's been able to turn her saddness into humor to make a profet off of it!


Fc: Kristy Cherise 




The Streamers Sister


Name: Scarlett Roberts


Age: 19


Birthplace: Sydney, Australia


Sexuality: Bisexual bitch


Status: Taken by him and him only <33


Role: Huge, HUGE (and I mean huge) Brat


Backstory: Lilly and Scarlett are quite literally the definiton of polar opposites. Lilly is fun loving, bubbly, and kind, while Scarlett is more laid back, reserved, and blunt. She loves her sister, of course, but they don't seem to have much in common. But, once you get her out of her shell, Scarlett can be just as energetic and fun loving as her sister, she just has to trust you first. She is very overprotective and overpossesive of what is hers and those she cares about, so keep that in mind when you take a shot at her.


Fc: Dove Cameron 




My love and me <3-




Special mentions: Nev- My beautiful princess. My life. My world. I cannot thank you enough for the amount of joy and happiness you give to me. I will continue to spoil you with all I have because you deserve it. You deserve the world and I plan to give that to you. I love you more than anything or anyone, princess. ~Devan Kai- Mon amour. Yes, you are an idiot. But you are the best idiotic friend a person could ask for. Although you find joy in teasing me, I will continue to love you with all I am. ~Audrey Collins- Hello my love. You are the bestest boyfriend a girl could ask for. Thank you for lighting up my life and making me feel happy again. ~Audrey Jackson- Hello bubba. I know you are busy but that will not stop me from loving you. I hope that we are able to make many memories in the future. I love you... dork face ~Luna <center>(More OC's coming soon)</center>
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