Hi, I'm Sora, I hope I can make many friends and learn a lot about the magical world. I like role playing games

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Hello, my name is Sora Beatriz Portgas. I come from a small town where magic abounds (its location is a secret).
I am half-blood, my mother is a Muggle-born, my father is a Squib, but from a Pure-blood family. My father, when he was expelled from his family for not possessing magic, changed his last name to the rare one I have now. My mother was born in Venezuela but my father in Great Britain so I received two adaptation letters, one to Hogwarts and the other to Castelobruxo. But I decided to go to Hogwarts.
I am the youngest in my family, I have an older sister and three older brothers. Only three of the five of us possess magic, my older sister went to study at Castelobruxo but my brother and I studied at Hogwarts.
I grew up in a more muggle than magical home. My mom is a potioneer and a healer, while my dad is a doctor, they are both the town doctors to both muggle and wizarding people. That's where my passion for potions and herbology comes from. I went to a muggle school until I received my letter, several children from the town had to go to the neighboring city because well our town was magical there is no school. I lived with many wizards and muggle (couples of resident witches and wizards) so it is impossible for me to see that term used as the superiority of blood.
My house is Hufflepuff but I wanted to be in the Slytherin house like my brother, I really admire ambitious people but hey, I like my house it was my second option to belong.
A curious fact about me is that my parents discovered that I possessed magic when I was three years old and in one of my tantrums I destroyed all the windows in the living room and burned the sofa.
I hope to be able to make many friends and learn a lot about the magical world.

Excited to study at hogwarts
My wand: Vine wood with a dragon heartstring core, 12 ¾" and quite bendy flexibility
My Patronus: Nebelung Cat
My house: Hufflepuff
My favorite house: Slytherin
My favorite characters: Luna Lovegood, Fred and George Weasley
I am a half-blood
I like role playing games
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