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» roleplaying since 2012 «


about me: yo! i'm marc, an 18-year-old from new zealand. like i've said, i've been roleplaying since 2012, so around eleven years now. i really, really enjoy writing, but i, of course, have a range of other interests too. these include history, greek mythology (i'm a classics major), video games (especially story-telling video games), psychological horror, and a few niche fandoms!

feel free to contact me whenever, i love meeting new people.


    ocs [click it!]   

i roleplay. i have many different fandoms and characters. most of my characters aren't actually on that doc :P try not to resend rp starters/replies unless i ask otherwise;  i'm a first-year uni student, and i have a lot of work to do. don't call me pet names, especially if i'm older than you.

instagram: @saberteeths | discord: kypria


𐂂   rp rules   𐂂

i prefer literate/semi-literate rps.

– give something i can reply to. no one-liners.

– no mary sues / overpowered ocs.

– please have good spelling & grammar. please.

– i don't do dirty rps at all.

– no 'forbidden rps' as in motherxdaughter, that's... gross.


people i enjoy rping with:

callista | elesarh | lana

marian | james | tessa graves

raine | taigh-solais | mal

alethathe psychotic writer | scarlett





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