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Name: Isolda Rhiannon March

Date of Birth: 6 June 1998

Birthplace: Aberystwyth, Wales

Blood Status: Pureblood

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Patronus: Raven



Isolda was born on the 6th of June 1998 in her maternal ancestral home, Briallen Manor, in Wales. Her mother, Rhiannon, came from a long line of pureblood Magic folk who were centred in Wales as far back as the family history goes. Her father came from a line of both Welsh and English purebloods. Her father's father's line was completely Welsh. However, her paternal grandmother's line had a lot of English mixed in, especially considering she was from Bristol. She had no siblings making her home life quite quiet growing up, but that's just the way she liked it.

She has lived in Briallen Manor. It is currently in the possession of her maternal grandparents. She lives there with her mother too. Her father stayed there leading up to his untimely death a few weeks before her 2nd birthday. He worked with helping werewolves after the effects of the Second Wizarding War and Voldemort's reign over the Wizarding World. Alas, he got involved in a terrible accident with one of them. Isolda has been friends with the werewolf's, Roger, daughter, Alina, ever since, an attempt by Roger because of how awful he felt. However, Isolda's mother works as an Auror, making sure people are kept in line and out of muggle view.

Up until Hogwarts, Isolda didn't keep much company. Except Alina, of course. Most of the time, choosing to read books or pursue her passion. Herbology. Her most passionate subject. Slowly, she started cultivating a garden filled with mostly non-Magical plants. The Magical plants she did have were mostly cultivated with the help of her grandmother, whom she lived with. Her grandmother, Esyllt, is a Herbologist. Her entire life's work has been devoted to plants. Which led to Isolda's obvious passion for it.

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