Cassiopeia Vivian Black

-Mackenna (Max) LaRue O'Connell

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Cassiopeia Vivian Black 

|| Taurus || she/her || bisexual || INFJ ||
|| Patronus: cat || 17 years old ** || Chaser ||
|| Wand: 12½", Hawthorn, Phoenix feather core, springy ||
|| Animagus: Long-haired black cat w/green eyes ||
|| Amortentia: Rosehip, sage, and sandalwood ||

|| Nicknames: Cass, Viv, Vivian, Vi, Vivi ||

**Age can change for roleplays

|| Backstories: Marauders, Golden Trio, Modern, Muggle ||


Mackenna Larue O'Connell 

// Capricorn // she/they // bisexual // ESFJ //
// Patronus: Jack Russel // 17 years old** // Beater ||
// Wand: 9 3 " Apple, Dragon heartstring core, slightly bendy //
// Animagus: Jack Russel w/ one black paw //
// Amortentia: Soil, grass, and cherries //

//  Nicknames: Max, Mack, Kenna, Rue, LaRue, Minnow //

**Age can change for rps

// Backstories: Marauders, Golden Trio, Modern Muggle //


  • I am picky about doing romance rps, ask me before we start

  • Minimal profanity

  • Let me know if you have triggers BEFORE we start roleplaying so I can make sure to avoid bringing them up

  • No God-modding.  This means do not control my character's words or actions.  Let me write my character's words, actions, and thoughts. 

  • Do not spam.  I have a life outside this website and it keeps me busy.  If it has been over a month since my last response, however, please send me a POLITE owl or leave a POLITE post on my wall to remind me.  

(I only rp as female or NB characters)

Available for the following Roleplays:
~ Harry Potter
~ Muggle

Will be available for soon:
~ Percy Jackson (maybe)
~ MCU 
~ Wednesday
~ The Dragon Prince (maybe)

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