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Member of The Noble and Most Ancient House of Black. (Nicknames are welcome) RP rules are in my profile

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**Marauders Era**

I am Cassiopeia Vivian Black, but I go by Vivian. I am the youngest member of The Noble and Most Ancient House of Black. Daughter of Orion and Walburga Black, the little sister of Regulus and Sirius Black.

Life at No. 12 Grimmauld Place is never easy.  Rarely does a day go by without Mother losing her temper and flying into a screaming rage.  These are usually directed at my eldest brother Sirius who has always done some new thing to anger her.  He has never gotten along with our parents all too well and often spends a good portion of the summer holidays sentenced to his room.  He is in Gryffindor at Hogwarts and scorns the idea of "blood purity".

My brother Regulus is a year younger than Sirius and a year older than me.  He is the perfect child and, in our mother's eyes, can do no wrong.  He is in Slytherin, completely agrees with the family's idea of pure-blood supremacy, earns perfect grades, and never argues with our parents. Our parents couldn't ask for more.

I am the youngest child and only daughter.  because of this and the fact that I associate (as far as they know) only with pure-blood students I'm their second favorite.  Mother wasn't exactly pleased when I wrote home and told her that I had been sorted into Hufflepuff, but I reminded her that there were still plenty of pure-bloods in the house and that thought seemed to please her.  Thanks to my last name and the fact that my family had a history of being sorted into Slytherin, I soon had quite a few friends in the house, which served to further appease Mother.  I made several friends of all blood statuses in my own house, but made sure they knew that neither of my brothers could find out about it.  Sirius would be sure to mention it when my mother was around whether he meant to or not and Regulus would immediatly write home if he found out so that Mother would know about it.  

I frequently tag along with Sirius and his friends, the self-titled "Marauders" and in this way I befriended Lily Evans.  Remus is my favorite of the Marauders.  

I became an Animagus the year after Sirius since I threatened to expose him and his friends if he didn't teach me.  My Animagus form is a long-haired black cat with green eyes.   


**Golden Trio Era/Modern Era**

(Under Revision)


**Physical Appearance**

-Long, silky, black hair

-Bright, green eyes


-Slightly tanned skin

-a few small scars on my face (Marauders era only)

-about 5' 8"

-Hands or arms typically have doodles on them



-My style really just depends on the day

-I always have a hoodie though

-Love leggings

-Off-brand converse any time of year

-Flip-flops during spring and summer

-Fuzzy boots during fall and winter

-Earbuds of some form at all times

-At least one ring on at all times 


**RP Info**

Will do:

Harry Potter (marauders/golden trio/modern) [Most any time]

Rise of the Guardians [Sometimes]

MCU [Sometimes]


I will do some romance, but nothing mature

Minimal profanity if any

If you get are someone who gets upset by the fact that I am doing multiple roleplays at one time (especially if it is multiple on my wall) then don't ask to roleplay with me


**if I disappear for a while, please understand it's because my real life doesn't always give me time to get on.  I will do my best to let you know that I will be gone but I'm not perfect**


**Some Other Info**

Age: 15-18

Zodiac: Taurus


Relationship Status: Single

Wand: Hawthorn wood with a phoenix feather core; 121/2 inches; slightly springy flexibility

Patronus: Cat

Animagus Form: Black Cat with Green Eyes

Favorite Drink: Butterbeer Latte

Favorite Food: Mac n' Cheese

Favorite Color: Depends on the day

Favorite Flower: Bleeding Heart

Favorite Animal: Pallas cat

Favorite Song: Saturday Night (Say Amen) by Panic! At The Disco

Hobbies: Photography, Daydreaming, Doodling, Making random Spotify playlists, Reading, exploring the halls of Hogwarts, Messing around on HiH


--Annabeth Chase


--Silas Scamander


**Where You Can Find Me**

(I prefer RP in most groups but I'll chat as well)

My wall (obviously)

My dorm: Comfy and Cozy Hufflepuff Dorm

Other Places:

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