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Katherine Prewett. Pronouns- she/her (birthday April 8th) Has reddish brown hair, brown eyes. 5'5. Single

Harry Potter:

Part of the Prewett family- part of the Sacred 28, pureblood. Favourite lessons: Herbology, Astronomy, Potions, Ancient Runes. Often in great hall playing chess, on quidditch pitch or by the lake. Plays Chaser on the Quidditch team. Her father had been killed by the Death Eaters, so Katherine was brought up by her mother and grandparents. She had been offered a place in Beauxbatons- her mother being French, but had always wanted to come to Hogwarts like her father. Has an older brother who used to be good at everything, always centre of attention, always amazing. She wasn't that close with him until he got sick. 

His Dark Materials: Dæmon called Mandla

OCs (may use in some RPs) 

Madelyn Knight. (she/her) Called Mads/ Maddy by close friends. 17 years old. Black hair with dark blue eyes. Determined, romantic, 

Harry Potter backstory:

Halfblood. Mum left dad when Madelyn was barely 1, so her dad raised her. She used to spend every summer with her grandmother who lived in this massive house by the sea. When she was 15, her mother got back in touch, and because she lives in a different part of the country Madelyn lives part of the year with her and the other half with her dad. During her 4th year, a little after her mum got back in touch she ran away from home, didn't go to Hogwarts for a few months and stayed with her grandmother. Her grandmother told her parents that she was ok, and then let her stay until Madelyn wanted to go back to school. To this day only her grandmother knows why she ran away. 

Marvel backstory:

Daughter of Maria Hill, she'd been brought up with her father with no knowledge of her mother until her 12th birthday. After that, she was introduced to SHIELD and the Avengers but kept at a relative distance. When she was 15 her mother allowed her to take some basic courses in various departments and fields but Madelyn found she liked spending most of her time in the Avengers Tower. Some of the Avengers helped train her secretly. 

Nova Martin: (she/they)


23. Up and coming director. Jawlength wavy hair that starts black fades to blonde. Determined to prove herself, has one major film and a couple that didn't do so well. Wants to make a film about this girl who's a bit of a compulsive liar and the things she has to do to keep the reputation she's made for herself. Follows her life story, has a romance subplot, was written by a friend. But she can't yet find a producer who's on board with the idea. 


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