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-I'm a joker Hufflepuff - Single - Now I know that the strongest drug of a human being is another human. -Luke Howland/Boulevard-

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Also that I do roleplay (every type of rp)



Hello I’m Margarita Tonks, I’m Nynphadora Tonks, Sister it’s a pleasure to meet you all.



When I had my hogwarts letter I couldn't believe it. I thought it was a joke of my best friend. My father is a mud-blood and my mother is a pure-blood. When I was at the platform I saw my best friend I thought I was dreaming later I knew my best friend was a pure-blood. I knew my cousins and my friends before the selection. When I was selected the hat took 10 minutes. When he shout Hufflepuff I was happy because my sister was in that house too. My sister is Nynphadora Tonks. I call her Dora, my mother in Andromeda Black and my father is Edward (Ted) Tonks.



Now here is some stuff about me!

- zodiac sign: Leo,

- sexuality: straight,

- Family: Emma Tonks; Ted Tonks; Nynphadora Tonks and Andromeda Tonks,

Pet: White and Brown [owl]

- I love Music and Singing

- I don't have any favorite singer.

- I love quidditch

- I like books and reading and that if anyone wants to give me any title ok

book for reading I'll appreciate it (I read ab everything)

- Favorite writers: Sarah J. Maas, Flor M. Salvador, Joahna Marcús Sastre, J.K

Rowling etc.

- I'm Colombian but I live in Spain that's why I received 2 letters of magical

schools instead of 1.

- I'm single

- I speak English, Spanish, a little bit of French and a little bit of German


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