Rp Account Only!

Note: Only FxF or MxM and Romance Only!!

"Even if it hurts Even if it makes me bleed I'm gonna carry you Pushing through With the dirt on my sleeves."- Sam Tinnesz

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!! Roleplay Account Only !!

**Note: I can do anything For MUGGLE JUST ASK!!**


Email: stargazermoon.rpemail@gmail.com 

Discord: Moony Stargazer#8881

Pinterest: @MoonyStargazer


Wall Rules:

▾ No Drama, please as I’m a friendly Space!

▾ Do not, post unwanted or unnecessary things on my page Like [Group Advertisements or Group Invites Please]

▾ No homophobic, Racist, or Childish behavior on my page as it is unnecessary and you will be banned

▾ Do not post in the Starter’s that I have on my page as it’s unnecessary for you to just to jump in and I find it rude.


Roleplay Rules:

▾ Do Not Spam, please give me time to respond, as I will give you time to respond as I’m currently busy outside HiH and I have a life outside of HiH.

▾ Say your Oc’s name at least once in every other reply as it’s hard to Memorize names for a lot of different Roleplays!

▾ Write at least, a paragraph whenever you respond, as I won’t be accepting one-liners or semi-liners.

▾ Help write the action/romance if there is any as I won’t be doing all the hard work myself!!


Original Character’s:

Muggle: Female

Mackenzie Foster

Molly Davenport


Muggle: Male

Calvin Rodgers

Lincoln Adrian Chambers


Fandom Original Chacracter’s:

Fandom: Umbrella Academy

Samuel Harrington

Larissa Ellie-May Hargreeves


Fandom: Harry Potter: Golden Trio Era

Raven Black

Genevieve Ava-Rose Riddle


Things I don’t Do:

▾ Double Oc Rp

▾ Adoption Rp

▾ Human x Anything


Fandom Roleplay: I know more, Just ASK!

▾ Harry Potter

▾ The 100

▾ Criminal Minds

▾ Chronicles of Narnia

▾ Hunger Games

▾ Maze Runner

▾ The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It

▾ The Conjuring [1 and 2]

▾ The Nun 

▾ Annabelle [Only the first Movie]

▾ The Umbrella Academy

▾ Pirates of the Caribbean

▾ Dragon Ball Z Series

▾ The Witcher 

▾ The Last Kingdom

▾ Twilight

▾ The Last of Us

▾ Dead Space

▾ Until Dawn

▾ Dead of Night

▾ Black Butler

▾ Hunter x Hunter

▾ Dorien Gray

▾ Peter Pan

▾ Pan


Ship Roleplay:

▾ Harry x Draco

▾ Remus x Sirius

▾ Regulus x James x Lily

▾ Hermione x Draco

▾ Blaise x Neville

▾ Luna x Pansy

▾ Draco x Blaise

▾ Regulus x James

▾ Hermione x Matteo

▾ Ron x Harry

▾ Lily x Molly

▾ James x Sirius

▾ Blaise x Ron

▾ Harry x Hermione

▾ Remus x Lily

▾ Regulus x Barty Crouch Jr.



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