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Big Marvel and Harry Potter fan. Open to any rps. She/Her.

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if anyone ever wants to rp or chat just message on my wall or owl me :)


Name: Caelyn Weasley


Age: 16 (or whatever year we're in determines my age)


Birthday: August 11th


Zodiac: Leo


Blood status: Pure-Blood


House: Hufflepuff


Sexuality: Straight (possibly Bi)


Pronouns/Gender: She/Her/Female


Family: Molly Weasley (mother), Arthur Weasley (father), Bill (brother), Charlie (brother), Percy (brother), Fred and George (brother), Ron (brother), Ginny (twin sister)


Description: Medium length bright, reddish-blonde hair; Blue-grey eyes; Pale skin; Freckles; 5'0 height


Personality: Kind, helpful, stubborn, sassy, sarcastic, sweet, nice, indecisive, smart, short-tempered, independent, bookworm, takes some things too seriously, can be dorky or weird, gets flustered easily, mischievous, clumsy


Hobbies: Drawing, Painting, Reading, Writing, Singing


Likes: Music, Art, Books, Baby Anything(babies, baby dogs, baby cats, etc.), Ice Cream, Learning, Animals


Dislikes: Rude People, Show-Offs, Tangled Headphones, Being Made Fun Of For My Height (sometimes I don't mind it tho), Running


Patronus: Hedgehog


Wand: 10 1/4 inch, Elder Wood, Dragon Heartstring Core, unyielding flexibility 



All my other characters are in my OC book. This is just my main OC, my Golden Trio Era one.

Fandom Rps


Harry Potter

Percy Jackson

Keeper of the Lost Cities


Gilmore Girls



Regular Rps

Im fine with anything :)


Rp Rules

• I prefer fxm but I could do fxf tho

• I don't mind mature rps

• I prefer doing fandom rps, mainly Marvel or HP but I will do regular rps too

• I apologize in advance if I reply late during rps, but please be patient with that. I'll try and tell u if I have to leave quickly for a minute but sometimes I might just disappear.

•  Please tell me if/when you have to go. Like if ur going to bed for the night or you won't be on for awhile. But if you don't answer for a little bit I'll understand you fell asleep.


• I'll be able to rp mainly at night. My timezone is PST.


I'll probably add more later on :)


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