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1. Give me time to respond. I have a life too you know

2. No Spamming. I will respond eventually

3. No Godmodding



.My rp's I usaully like to do romance, action and whatever else. 


MY REAL IC (not oc):

Melody Gardo:

age: 20

sexuality: straight

status: single. 



Melanie Smith: 

age: 19

sexuality: straight

status: hopelessly single

personality: loyal and caring



name: Alice Creighton

age:depends on rp

looks: Black hair and green eyes 

personality: Kind, and loving but can be fierce when she wants to be
Sexuality: straight

Status: dating my love






Ava Narcissa Malfoy

Qoutes:  You dare hurt my love you'll wish you were dead.

sexuality: straight

relationship: Dating 

Backstory: Her parents are Lucius Malfoy and Bellatrix Lestrange. She lived without her mother for 14 years until Voldemort helped Bellatrix escape. Her father never liked Ava and her mother liked her when she started to help Voldemort come back to power. Yes, Ava helped Voldemort in her 4th year. She was in Gryffindor so she was able to eavesdrop on the Golden Trio. However, in her 5th year, she became very good friends with Neville Longbottom, Ginny Weasley, and Luna Lovegood.They made her see that it was wrong to be a death eater.So she switched sides, but her parents had no idea. Now in her 6th year, she has fallen in love with Ron Weasley and is dating him and has become good friends with the trio.She has her mothers hair and eyes but looks a lot like her father. When she smirks she completly looks like her half-brother Draco Malfoy.


Her 4th year embracing her destiny as a death eater.

End of 4th year

Her family

  Her yule ball dress

her brother

Her and her boyfriend (yes I know this is HHermione Granger but I couldn't find any other pictures.)

Her and her boyfriend. 



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