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The BEST Witch [Just kidding or am I!]

Hello to all who come a crossed my LOVELY PAGE! I do wish to say everyone is welcome until I say otherwise but the only thing I ask is NO ADVERTISING! 🦅🦁

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Welcome to all who stumble across my page!

Oc's Harry Potter


Hello everyone, as you can tell my name is Dani Black and I'm James Potter’s secret Lover as I knew he had a Huge Crush on me before Lily but there is something that I can’t say but I am also very Important to Harry but I’m not going to say how!


Name: Dani Ellie-Louise Black

[Sirius Black little Sister]


Age: Not getting Sorry!!!!

Mirror of Erised: Having my family back! [James and Sirius as well as best friend Lily!]

Patronus: BumbleBee

Amortentia: Apple’s, Lime, Dark Chocolate, Moss, Potions, Animal Hair

Wand: 15 inches/38 cm and has a fairly plain look. The particular strand of Kingwood

House: Ravenclaw [Obviously LoL 🤣]



For those who Wish to Rp here are some few things to know!


~ Wednesday, and Friday I won’t be AT ALL on due to me working those two days and I’ll be tired, so don’t worry if I don’t respond!!


~ I do anything between Mature and 18+ or NSFW [Not Safe For Work] types of Rp so don’t worry about asking if certain things are okay!!


~  Please don’t Spam if I haven’t responded yet. It's probably because I’m thinking of a response or I’m busy, but after 3 DAYS or so then you can send like a hey or hello in OWLS!


~ For Rp I can do Email Discord,or Some other things as I haven’t made the accounts, yet I will add everything to the very end of my backstory!!


~ Please when Rp with me do at least a sentence for your first response as I want to be able to figure out what to say to you as I find it difficult to say so, during the Rp!


This is my pet cat


Age: Kitten 

This is my animagus form!



Rp’s I do!



~ Harry Potter

~ Walking Dead

~ Stranger Things

~ Hunter x Hunter

~ Sword Art Online

~ Bodyguard

~ Dragon Ball Z

~ Until Dawn

~ Chronicles of Narnia

~ Pirate of the Caribbean 

~ Arcane






~ Student x Teacher

~ Principal x Student

~ quiet girl x popular girl

~ quiet boy x popular boy

~ quiet girl x popular boy

~ quiet boy x popular girl

~ Friends to Lovers

~ Enemies to Lovers

~ Lovers to Enemies



~ Mother x Daughter 

~ Father x Son 

~ Mother x Son 

~ Father x Daughter 

~ Aunt x Nephew 

~ Uncle x Nephew 

~ Aunt x Niece 

~ Uncle x Niece

~ Next door neighbor x Son [Adult female or male]

~ Next Door Neighbor x Daughter [Adult female or male]



Ways to Contact me if the site were to be down!

~ Discord:



~ Email: 


~ Pinterest: 



~ Quotev: 




Dani Ellie-Louise Black


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