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The Stars that align bring us closer, and bring us apart when they're not.

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Ain’t no rest for the wicked New blood, better go, get vicious You better, you better sharpen up your Knives.” - NEONI


Contact Info:


Discord: liite_moon

Pinterest: MoonLite_Flower


Notice Board:

I do call everyone..

• Dear

• Hun

• Miss

• Mrs.

• Mister

• Sir

As to not offend anyone as I don’t like to miss label them!!


↓ Information About Me ↓

House: Slytherin

Name: Abbie Noura Malfoy

Wand: 12 ⅓”, Dragon Heart String, Tulip Wood, and Slightly Stiff

DOB: July 31, 1980

Star Sign:  Leo

Nicknames: Nora, Abb’s, Bee, and Malfoy

Height: 5’8

Sexuality: Straight

Pronouns: She/Her

Status: Married

Blood Status: Half-Blood

Parents: Severus Snape, Lily Potter [Née Evans] 

Siblings: Harry Potter [Half Brother]

Step - Father: James Potter

Friends: Fred Weasley, George Weasley, Neville Longbottom, Blaize Zabini, Theodore Nott, Matteo Riddle, Hermione Granger, and Luna Lovegood

Amortentia: Sugar, Lemon Grass, Strawberries, Parchment, Sea Salt, Animal Fur, Potions, and Campfire Smoke.

Boggart: Losing my Family

Job: Aurora/Healer


My Family:

Husband: Draco Lucius Malfoy

Kids: 3

Pet’s: Barn Owl, and Sphynx [Cat]


My Children:

Name: Mason Malfoy 

Age: 14


Name: Hope Luna Malfoy

Age: 8

Name: Edith Lily-Rose Malfoy

Age: 8


Stuff I won’t Roleplay:

• Beastality

• Human x Anything

• Double Oc Rp

• Self - Harm

• Parent/Child

• Abusive

• Controlling

• Toxic

• Adoption

• Sexual Assault


Wall Rule’s:

• Be polite to those who post, as I don’t want any Drama on my page please!!

• Give time for response please as I am a busy person outside HiH!!

• Do Not be Racists, Homophobic, Transphobic, Rude, Childish, Sexualist, or anything else or immediately ban!!

• No posting Chainmail, Group Advertisements, Games/Quizzes/Polls, or ETC please!!

• If you have a problem with me, please tell me, instead of reporting please as that is unnecessary!!


Roleplay Rule’s: 

• Please don’t use Aestericks [***], as they confuse me on what your trying to say

• Do NOT SPAM my OWLS/DISCORD/WALL please, as I am a busy person outside of HiH and will respond when I can love!!

• If you ask to do an Rp then I will ask for you to do the starter, as it is your Rp and same goes for me if I ask!!!

• I’m fine with NSFW/18+ but please ask before just straight doing them please as I won’t do those with MINOR’S, as it’s just weird and gross!!

• Please obey my rules that I have set please, as it’s really easy to do as there is not that much!!

• Help write the story please, as I won’t be the only one doing so!!

• I will Rp only with FxF, or MxM [unless stated for a FxM with me as the Female lead please!]

• Write at least a paragraph or more please, as I won’t accept one-liners or one worded responses as I won’t respond to them!! 

• Help with the Plot/Action/Angst/Romance or anything else please, as I won’t be doing them all by myself

• If you plan on going on HIATUS, Vacation, or just wanting a break please, let me know instead of Ghosting please!!

• If You wish to stop/start a new Rp please let me know as I don’t mind okay!!

Fandom Roleplay: There is more, so please ask!!

• Harry Potter

• Arcane

• Stranger Things

• Hunger Games

• Five Nights at Freddy’s

• Maze Runner

• Criminal Minds

• Fast and Furious

• Alice and Wonderland

• London had Fallen

• Walking Dead - Tv Show

• Chronicles of Narnia

• Chronicles of Spiderwick

• The Witcher

• The Last Kingdom

• The Hobbit - Been a bit

• Call of Duty - Ghost

• Call of Duty - MW3 Remastered

• Call of Duty - MW2 Remastered

• The Quarry

• Until Dawn

• First Kill

• Percy Jackson - Movies

• Prison Break

• The Last of Us

• My Hero Academia

• Sam and Colby

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