Lexi Lemon


"I do because i can, i can because i want to, i want to because you told me i couldn't."

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(Libra Sun, Aries Moon)

Alexis (Lexi) Beatrice Lemon 
"Nickname: Bee or lulubee for short"
The first Slytherin in a family of Hufflepuff.

I live in a simple cottage-core aesthetic life with my parents and older brother, so it's only natural that I'm more attracted to herbalism and magical creatures and if I'm not out looking for herbs and fireflies then I'm reading mystery thrillers or baking the best banana bread you'll ever have in your life.

"Mother's a lovely lady with a knack for herbalism and divination. She's an amazing baker among the muggles and quite popular as she offers healing remedies like salves and boil cures."

"Father and my older brother works for the ministry of magic.
Dad works with magical creatures in the beast division and my brother annoying as he may is an Auror, but he used to work as an obliviator before he decided to level up the ranks."

Frankly, I have no idea why I'm a Slytherin, but somehow it makes sense. Even though I was raised by the sweet creature that are my parents and the gremlin that is my cocky brother, I'm still pretty ambitious and I know that where I am now is not where I want to be and that I want to be something more. Someone more. 

-------------------------------- Wand type

Wood: Sycamore wood
Core: Phoenix core
Length: 10 ¾" in length
Flexibility: Suprisingly swishy flexibility 
Familiar: Bearded dragon (Milton)

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