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The Bastard Daughter of Sirius Black

RIP Anli-my beloved dog- my best friend. 01/25/2022

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My Father never knew of me, My mother was evil. Amazing, I know (Insert extreme sarcasm)

My name is Kayli Pheonic Black-Lestrange, but I only say black. Yes I know they are related- Sweet home Alabama- but that was normal in their time.

I was my mother and fathers "accident magic child" (a.k.a. Magic spell made me in moms stomach but dad casted said spell)
but since my mother didn't want my father to know, she kept me in a stasis until he died. Once he did perish, Lestrange left me on a street in diagon alley,
with my name on it. It just so happened that Harry Potter found me after the war and helped raise me, as if I were his own.

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Now I am in Hogwarts as a 7th year and, well let's just say it has been interesting. No one knows who my mother is either than Harry.

No one.


Name: Kayli Aletha Black-Lestrange

Year: 7th

Age: Depends on RP

Blood Status: Pureblood

House: Slytherin (Obviously)

Wand: Rowan wood, 12 3/4 inch, Phoenix feather core</pre>
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Appearance: Light brown long hair, brown/gold eyes, 5'3, sturdy build (sporty)

From: Soho, Britain

Birthday: January 19th

Boggart: Bellatrix

Personality Traits: Sarcastic, Ambitious, Curious, Passionate, Humorous, Proper
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Things I like: The rain, snow, tea, hot chocolate with coffee, sushi, Thai,
music composition, dancing (the waltz specifically), Quidditch
(ice hockey while I was in the muggle world, and the colour green.

Things I dislike: Traitors, two faced bitches, my mother,
tea with too much sugar,
summer, bugs, bad liars, snitches.
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Relationship Status: single af

Siblings: Charles Regulus Black, Alec Hadrain Black, Elena Lillian Black</pre>
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I am sarcastic, take a joke. I'm also hella Slytherin so screw you if you think we are evil.
Not all of us are.

Discord: fish#3195
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