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Sup kid, I'm the dirty/depressed/anxious/loner kind of friend, I'm always up to talk, and rp as well!!! Also I'm not on past 3pm EST

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★Chandlyr Hunter★

★Genderbent Name: Chase★

★E/C - Brown★

★Skin - pale★

★Gender - Gender-Fluid★

★Birthday - 8/27★

★age- 17★

★H/C- black ★

★ilvermorny - Thunderbird★

★House- Gryffindor★

★Godly Parent - Hecate★

★preferred weapon - stygian iron blade/Dagger★

★Nicknames- Chan★

★Patronus - Black Cat★

★Boggert - feeling useless or powerless★

★fav. class- Defense Against the Dark Arts★

★Worst class- Herbology★

★pet - Cat named Furball★

★Quidditch position- seeker★

★Sexuality - Pansexual, Panromantic, and Demisexual★

★Relationship status - taken ★

★Switch - bottom lean★

★Fun Fact - Chandlyr is cold on the outside, but loves attention, and affection, even though she says she hates it ★

★Style: grunge/soft/literally whatever is clean, converse, skinny jeans, skirts, crop tops, hoodies★

★Realistic FC★

★Genderbent FC★

★Art FC★

Fawn Russo

 ★Genderbent Name: Fred

E/C - Black

Skin - pale

Gender - Girl

Birthday - 9/19

age- 23

H/C- black

ilvermorny - Thunderbird

House- Gryffindor

Godly Parent - Hades

preferred weapon - Dagger

Nicknames- none

Patronus - Bunny

Boggert - Her own emotions

fav. class- Runes

Worst class- Alchemy

pet - A beagle named Skyler

Quidditch position- Keeper

Sexuality - Bi

Relationship status - single


Fun Fact - Fawn is a ghost

Style: Trench coats, skirts, dress pants, knee length dresses

Art FC

Genderbent FC

Realistic FC

Renee Jacobs

 ★Genderbent Name: Ryan

E/C - brown

Skin - black

Gender - female

Birthday - 7/17

age- 19

H/C- black

ilvermorny - Thunderbird

House- Slytherin 

Godly Parent - Ares

preferred weapon - Spear

Nicknames- Ren

Patronus - Coyote

Boggert - Being hated, shunned out

fav. class- Flying class

Worst class- divination

pet - a cat named Ace

Quidditch position- none

Sexuality - Pansexual

Relationship status - Taken