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“Beautiful things are quiet beings.” - Laura Chouette, When Dusk Falls

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I am a Keeper. A Keeper is someone who is dedicated to restoring Hogwarts Is Here to what it was: a safe, fun, friendly place for Potterheads to interact. A Keeper also works to keep the spark of the Wizarding World alive.


(Contact Merlin D. Trelawny for more info)



◆ Full Name: Andrea Leona Crane Nightshade

◆ Gender: Female

◆ Pronouns: She/Her

◆  B-day: August 24

◆ Personality: Shy until I know you really well, Kinda funny, quiet, introverted,         creative, and agreeable. 

◆ Appearance: Long brown hair, brown eyes, 5’6. 

◆ House: Slytherin

◆ 2nd House: Hufflepuff/Ravenclaw

◆ Wand:  Hazel wood with a dragon heartstring core, 13 and quite bendy flexibility.

◆ Patronus: Doe

◆ Blood status: Muggle born, but raised by pure bloods.

◆ Greatest Fear: Losing close friends and family

◆ Greatest Strength: Being surrounded by  people I trust

◆ My Insecurities: My Teeth, my voice on camera. 

◆ Mirror of Erised: Surrounded by people I trust

◆ Animagus: I don’t know yet!

◆ Quidditch Position: Seeker

◆ Quidditch team: Whether it’s quidditch or irl sports, I don’t care about teams.

◆ Ilvermorny House: Horned Serpent

◆ Career Aspirations: Hogwarts professor or librarian

◆ Favourite Subjects: Care of Magical Creatures

◆ Pet: Crup named Buddy, Grey and white tabby named Lily



Rp info/rules

◆ No Mature content

◆ No Romance

◆ Keep it PG-13

◆ Limit your language


◆ Proper grammar (no * plz)


Fandom Choices:

◆ Warriors

◆Harry Potter

(if you have any you want to do just ask)



◆  Early life:

I was an only child, when my birth parents Edith and Clyde Jhonshon had gotten killed in a car crash, leaving me to go to my full-blooded cousins. My adopted parents, whose names were Sage and Alister Nightshade, were worried that I wouldn’t have any magical Ability and be the ‘Albino Niffler’ of the family, but they were relieved to find I was a — (or a normal colored niffler if you must)


◆  Receiving my letter:

Receiving my Hogwarts letter was one of the best things to ever happen to me! It arrived early in the morning, along with my siblings' letters. My adopted parents were relieved to find I was normal and that I wasn’t a muggle like my birth parents. After getting our letters we ate breakfast and used the floo powder network to go to Diagon Alley. 


◆ Wand Picking:

I got my wand the day my parents took me to diagon alley to get my school supplies. I remember running to Olivanders, almost knocking over a kid who had a new cat. I let my parents catch up before walking over to the counter. We were greeted by Olivader himself.  I went through 7 wands before I found the one that worked. I remember the light, the sounds of clapping from my parents. I felt so proud to finally have my own wand instead of one of those toys!


◆  Sorting:

I remember the day of the sorting just like it was yesterday. I was trembling in fear that I wouldn’t get sorted into a house. “Andrea Leona Crane NIghtshade” I stood there, as if they hadn’t called my name. The great hall broke out into chattering, everyone saying phrases such as ‘did they leave a kid’ or ‘go check the train’. They called my name again, and I finally snapped out of my scared trance. Embarrassed that I made such a ruckus, I scuttered up to the stool and the hat sat on my head. ‘Hmmm, a tough one’ I quivered at that remark. I sat there, the whole room was in silence, and all eyes were on me. ‘A heart and loyalty of a hufflepuff… but the ambition, determination, and resourcefulness of a slytherin…’ I felt slightly relieved that the hat might pick one…eventually. ‘which one do you think will fit you best?’ Was it talking to me!? ‘Well?’ I don’t think about it before thinking ‘Slytherin’ I try to stop the quick thought, but the house had already shouted out ‘SLYTHERIN’. I didn’t complain, I was in a house. But what would my parents say when I got home? I walked over to the Slytherin table and sat next to a girl who looked to be in her second year, and waited for the feast to begin.


◆ Making friends:

My first friend I made was a Ravenclaw student named Shiloh Skybane, and soon I was friends with many other students, such as Millie Lee Weasley, Kennedy Grey, Jaquline Diggory, and Merlin D. Trelawny. 


◆  Summoning Patronus:

I learned how to summon my patronus in my 5th year, and it was just an accident. I was sneaking around the grounds at night with a few friends, and decided to wander into the forbidden forest. It was about 2:30 in the morning when we got cornered by a dementor. I racked my brain for a spell to use when I remembered the patronus spell, Expecto Patronoum. Doubt rose into my throat. ‘I must do it’ I thought to myself. “Expecto Patronum” I yelled, pointing my wand at the foul smelling hooded creature. A light emitted from the end of my wand and a glowing doe appeared in front of us, scaring the creature away.



Friends On HiH

Merlin D. Trelawny 

Kennedy Grey (R.I.P)


Grace Maple

Jane M

Julia Delacour

Jacqueline Diggory


Muggle Stuff

◆  Favourite school subject: Drama, choir, or Science.

◆  Career Aspirations: Writer, artist, actor, or streamer.


◆ Favourite Songs -

I Like Me Better - Lauv

Hey Soul Sister - Train

The Ultimate Showdown - Lemon 

Riptide - Vance Joy

Experience - idl honestly

Amish Paradise - Weird Al 

Wake me up - Avicii

Heatwaves - Glass Animals 


◆  Fandoms I’m In -

 Harry Potter (ofc)

Warriors (windclan)

Divergent (Amnity)

Hunger Games (District 7) 

Wings of Fire - Just started


Lord of the Rings

The five people you meet in heaven


◆  My Aesthetic: Cottagecore mixed with light academia


Other Stuff

I am a Christan

My Favourite Food is Alfredo

I have 27 pets (this includes chickens)

My Favourite animals are cats

I live in the middle of nowhere

I play the ukulele, and many other instruments


Wall Rules

No swearing

No rude comments about me or other people

Nothing that is/refers to romance

Rp invites are perfectly fine, as long as you follow the rp rules 



Not Much rn


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