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Soooo.......... Who Wanna Cause Trouble!

Hi I am, the daughter of Hermione and Draco!! It's been a pleasure! Discord: Little_Ferret#6823 email: littleleo12.bigloki12@gmail.com

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Hi I’m Naomi Octavia Granger-Malfoy. It's always a pleasure to meet wonderful new people!!



Ways to contact owls or Private Groups don’t work since I know everyone prefers different things!!


Discord: Little_Ferret#6823

Email: littleleo12.bigloki12@gmail.com 



Rp Rules

ൠ Please use fuller sentences please as I will do the same.

ൠ Don’t spam give me time to think only do it if I haven’t responded with 6 days as I tend to forget or have other things going on outside of HiH

ൠ Do let me know if don’t wish to continue the Rp anymore instead of not responding after a while, as If this DOES HAPPEN YOU WILL BE BLOCKED AND YOU WON’T BE ABLE TO RP WITH ME AGAIN!

ൠ Also, I’m just starting to get used to longer sentences so please don’t ask me to fix my grammar or spelling please. It really irritates me when people do that, I’m not that great of a speller so please bear with me!!! 



Now About Me!!

*giggles cutely with a soft smile*

Name: Naomi Octavia Granger-Malfoy

Sexuality:Bi  [Only For Rp use!]

Birthday: 3 June [Only 2 days apart from my fathers birthday!]

Sign: Gemini



Hermione Jean Granger

Draco Lucius Malfoy


Animagus: Ferret

Amortentia: Pineapples, sweet berries, chlorine, grass, oats, paper/ink

Mirror of Erised: Just being happy with my parents!

Boggart: Facing a dementor

Patronus: Fox



Harry James Potter


Luna Lovegood


[Description of what I look Like!]

Eyes: Pale silvery

Hair Color: Dirty-blonde

Length  of Hair: down to my back [Style I keep it in: Braid or braided space buns]

Skintone: Pale

[If I use my Character for Rp she is in her 4th year and she is a Seeker in quidditch just like her Father.]



Now time for the Rp Section!

[ And Also if you’d like to start off let me know and you can because sometimes I run out of Ideas to start with and if I do I’d let you know!! ]


~ Harry Potter

~ Stranger Things

~ Sam and Colby [Youtbers!]

~ Chronicles of Narnia

~ The Witcher

~ Alice in Wonderland

~ Percy Jackson [Been a while but I can do it just my replies will be a bit slow!]

~ Until dawn [horror Game]

~  100

~ The Last Kingdom

~ Outer Banks

~ 6 Underground



~ Student x Teacher

~ Pirate x Princess

~ Pirate x Prince

~ Queen x Servant [male of female]

~ King x Servant [male or female]

~ One night Stand 

~ Friends to Lovers

~ Enemies to Lovers

~ Quiet Girl or Boy x Popular Girl or Boy

~ Youtuber Yandere x New Youber/Fan

~ Movie Star x Stalker

~ Principal x Student

~ Mafia Right Hand x Mafia Boss

~ Stalker x Innocent One

~ Coworker x Boss

~ Secretary x Boss

~ Quiet Girl x Cheerleader

~ Quiet Boy x Cheerleader

~ Quiet Girl x Football Captain

~ Quiet Boy x Football Captain


Muggle #2!!


~ Mother x Daughter

~ Mother x Son

~ Father x Son

~ Father x Daughter

~ Uncle x Nephew

~ Uncle x Niece 

~ Aunt x Niece

~ Aunt x Niece

~ Step-Mother x Daughter

~ Step-Mother x Son

~ Step-Father x Son

~ Step-Father x Daughter

~ Step-Brother x Sister

~ Step-Brother x Sister

~ Step-Sister x Sister

~ Next Door Neighbor [Adult Male or Female] x Son

~ Next Door Neighbor [Adult Male or Female] x Daughter

~ Brother x Sister

~ Brother x Brother

~ Sister x Sister



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