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"Sometimes I pretend he cares about me. It makes me feel better."

"His smile legit lights up my day."

About Me (Admin):

Hi everyone! My name is Jenna, I go by Jen, Jeni, or Jens. I'm 17, born November 13th. My mom is half Colombian, half Scottish and my dad is from Ireland, so you can laugh about my stupid accent. I currently live in Canada, due to my father's job.

I have a lot of hobbies, like reading (of course), writing, photography, drawing and roleplaying. I live in my own little world, made out of all of my favourite fictional characters and places/world's.

My favourites are; for movies, The Death Cure, Blue Lagoon, and Caught by a Wave. For books (these are my too three I have too many favourites), The Death Cure, Firestarter, and Throne of Glass. For TV shows, Friends, Boo Bitch, and Austin and Ally (and Girl Meets World) 

"The fact that he knows my name blows my mind."

My Roleplay Rules:

1. I do participate in mature roleplays but you must be 15+ to do a mature roleplay with me, due to safety reasons, and these roleplays must be in owls unless it's a group one then we do it in a private group.

2. I only do romance roleplays, in most fandoms, or with any of my oc's. Usually, I am the female if it's fxm or fxnb but I am working on male characters, though it is harder for me to play males.

3. Please try and have good spelling and grammar. I know sometimes I slip up and it's hard to understand what I said (that's because I got a new phone so it'll get better), but I will delete the comment right away or in brackets write what I meant to say.

4. Please let me know if you will be gone for a few hours, nobody likes being ghosted, and if you get tired of the roleplay, please let me know if I can fix it or if you want to start a new one/not roleplay anymore.

5. No god-modding or Mary Sue/Gary Stu. First of all, I don't need you controlling my character, because it's mine and I'm not going to control yours. I'll give you two warnings then the third time I will let you know that I'm done with the roleplay (I'll try to be nice about it, obviously). Second of all, please don't make your character perfect! It's annoying and unreal, even if we're doing some fantasy roleplay. 

6. If I don't respond within the hour you can send ONE message, it's most likely didn't see the notification or I fell asleep (it happens a lot), I will always try to warn you if I leave but sometimes I forget so please don't spam me!

7. I don't usually put 20-lined replies, sometimes my replies are on the shorter side, like four sentences, but I usually do at least six, so please do the same and don't give me one-liners I have to do all the work. It's not fun for me, or you.

8. I don't have a lot of starters, so it would be greatly appreciated if you could post/owl the starter, but if necessary I do have them, one for each fandom I'm in (see below).

"He's probably cuter in the morning."

Roleplay Information:

1. Veronica Smith, 18, she/her, bisexual.

2. Caroline Waters, 17, she/her, heterosexual.

3. Ella Olivers, 21, she/her, heterosexual.

4. Leena Bailies, 18, she/her, lesbian.

5. Rachel Adams, 20, she/her, bisexual.

6. Jaimie Meadows, 17, he/him, bisexual.

7. Holden Maries, 18, he/him, bisexual.

8. Timothee Sinclair, 19, he/him, bisexual.

9. Max Harris, 21, he/him, bisexual.

10. Micah Hopper, 20, he/him, bisexual.

"OMG, he's looking over here, act cool."

My Fandoms/Topics:


Hunger Games

Harry Potter (duh)

Throne of Glass

The Maze Runner









"You kissed him?! How could you?"





"You betrayed me, bitch."

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