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hazel flowers


female~heterosexual~single~no kids


 "no rain, no flowers"


some people call me haze


i like to live up to my last name :) im a plant mom




freya aleksandrova 


female~heterosexual~single~no kids 


"go on, burn a while"


my english isn't very good forgive me


if im a bitch then im in a good mood




quinna nelson


female~heterosexual~single~no kids 


"pain is never permanent"


call me quinnie 


if you ever wanna talk im here :)




armani bianchi


female~heterosexual~single~no kids 


"can you cut to the point"


i can only put up with you for so long


try and make me smile, i dare you




maggie ivor 


female~bisexual (male lean)~dating grant~no kids 


 "all i want is love that lasts"


your local olivia rodrigo fan


im a fan girl sorry :p




dahlia mazur 


female~heterosexual~dating daniel~no kids 


"its quite fun, seeing it all crash and burn"


im hardly ever in the mood to talk


dont take it personally




viella pierce


female~heterosexual~single~no kids 


"why fall in love when you can fall asleep?"
you can call me vie or whatever


i promise im not always this stupid




sloan jackson


female~homosexual~single but crushing~no kids 


"when life is shit turn the music up"


pls never give me a pet name or i will hurt you


electric guitar and bass




elora chang


 female~heterosexual~single~no kids 


"it's all a part of the process"




k-pop is life




sydney vere 


 female~heterosexual~single~no kids


"from another point of view"




old soul :)




onyx rehbien 


 female~heterosexual~engaged to my love jackson~twin girls on the way


"you don't know my brain the way you know my name"


im bipolar pls chill but u can call me nyx 


dw i'll make you miss me ;)




salyn stone


 female~heterosexual~single~no kids


"lol why"


im your out of context local blond


i also can't spell




myla stephens


 female~bisexual (female lean)~single~no kids


"who needs cocaine when human emotions fuck you up just the same"




lets be friends pls 




jillian cross


 female~heterosexual~single~no kids


"my drug is my baby i'll be using for the rest of my life"




hopeless romantic 




indigo ryder


female~heterosexual~single~no kids



aurora marrow


female~bisexual (female lean) ~single~no kids



emma gomez


female~heterosexual~single~no kids



olivia joseph


female~heterosexual~single~no kids



juniper marcus


female~lesbian~single~my daughter eva james marcus






finn rowse 


male~heterosexual~engaged to my angel julia~no kids


"drunk words, sober thoughts"


im addicted to most things


including you ;)




cole rehbien 


male~heterosexual~engaged to hailey~no kids


"youre my weakness"




oliver harrett 


 male~heterosexual~dating my beautiful simone~no kids




levi matthews


 male~heterosexual~single~no kids




sebastian greene


 male~heterosexual~engaged to the love of my life, my angel lydia~no kids




ethan garner


 male~heterosexual~single~no kids




grayson stone


male~heterosexual~single~no kids




kai ballard


male~heterosexual~single~no kids




callum burton


male~homosexual~single~no kids


 "all we have is now"


pls be mine


ill love you more than anything




xander marrow


male~heterosexual~dating my gorgeous marie~no kids




james freeman


male~heterosexual~single~no kids

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