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Cassandra Scamander

hey! welcome to my page i'm cassie, one of the scamander triplets! please stick around and read my backstory :)

call me cassandra, cassie, cass, annie, ann, or whatever you cancome up with! (i personally don't really like sandra though)


full name: Cassandra Aurelia Scamander

parents: Luna and Rolf Scamander

siblings: Irene, Isadora, and Cedric (rip)

birthday: august 19th

interests: painting, books, and music

wand: Rowan wood with a unicorn hair core, 11' and slightly yielding flexibility

patronus: tonkinese cat


These are a Few of my Favorite Thingsss

food: Panera mac and cheese

animals: CATS and dogs

colors: pink, purple, and sage

songs: Haunted and Cruel Summer (Taylor Swift)

artist: Taylor Swift

books: a good girl's guide to murder

number: 8


lola is my ridiculously adorable black kitten with white socks and a little lavender collar. I love her so much and she has my whole heart. She is seriously the best =^-^=


irene scamander: funniest and craziest person ever!she is a vibe and always makes me laugh

isadora scamander: my most goofy and creative sister who always puts a smile on my face!

isabella abraham: it's been a while but she's so kind and always ready to talk

renesmee (viv): you are so cool, fun, creative, and supportive!!

mallory lupin: she's the absolute sweetest and so much fun to talk to and her memes are the best!

My past :)

Hi! I am Cassandra, or Cassie, daughter of Luna and Rolf Scamander, youngest of the Scamander triplets. We were originally quadruplets but when we were seven, Azkaban escapee, Lucius Malfoy attacked our home and came for us. We all escaped, except for Cedric, my brother. Now, four years later, my sisters Irene, Isadora, and I are all attending Hogwarts as Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff students.
 I take after my dad and hope to one day become a magizoologist. I have brought my cat Lola with me this year to school. I am a first year student, a proud Hufflepuff. I take after my dad more in personality but I look like my mom with light blonde hair and blue eyes. I love to read, listen to music (especially Taylor Swift), watch movies (horror, comedy, rom-com), and I love the outdoors, playing softball, basketball, tennis, and quidditch. I love dogs and I am a HUGE catlover! I am a pureblood coming from the Scamander and Lovegood families but bloodstatus doesn't matter to me of course!

*Some Links*

isadora scamander: https://www.hogwartsishere.com/1334709/

irene scamander: https://www.hogwartsishere.com/1294902/

my sister's book (i recommend!!) : https://www.hogwartsishere.com/library/book/23705/

The End!

thanks for stopping by, i hope you stick around! feel free to post on my wall, talk to me, follow me (i try to follow back) and spam my notifs :))) see you later!


~love, cassie

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