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I hate how we're brought into this world out of nowhere, forced to go to school, work, and have responsibilities. Like, what if I wanted to be a duck?

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<summary>-->Oaklynn Holloway<--</summary>
Age: 16 Birthday: December 6th Zodiac: Sagittarius Sexuality: I'm straight, but I still support the LGBTQ+ community. Relationship status: Wouldn't you like to know *smiles*. Okay, okay. I'm very single lmao... Personality: Very much depends on my mood and the person. Likes: Books, Fiction, Reading, Writing, Singing, Volleyball...ehh idk Dislikes: Rude people/bullies, sexists, homophobes, a lot more that I can't remember rn. Bleh Appearance: Hourglass figure, not short or tall, blue eyes, brown hair BFF!!!: Bella Fc: Lilly Kruk "How am I 'gifted' but I'm actually an idiot?" </details>

<summary>-->Bella Powell<--</summary>
Age: 15 Birthday: January 7th Zodiac: Capricorn Sexuality: Straight Relationship Status: Find out on your own... Personality: Outgoing, has anger issues, intimidating, kind to specific people, funny, you'll figure out the rest Likes: Books, Volleyball, revenge, laughing, Singing Dislikes: rude people, people that believe they can control me (you can't.), sexists, homophobes, people like that Appearance: Slight hourglass figure, hazel eyes, brown hair, not short or tall, BFF!: Oaklynn FC: Nessa Barrett "Okayyyyy" </details>

<summary>-->Brodie Sails<--</summary>
Age: 17 Birthday: May 23rd Zodiac: Gemini Sexuality: Bi, female lean Relationship status: Damn.. I'm single Personality: Athletic, funny, a hopeless romantic lmao, chill, smart but I don't really show it, Outgoing, caring Appearance: brown hair, brown eyes, tan skin, tall FC: Josh Richards
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<summary>-->Austin Gabriel<--</summary>
Age: 17 Birthday: July 10th Zodiac: Cancer Sexuality: Straight Relationship Status: Very very single Personality: Smart, generous, kind, funny, low-key kinda weird lmao Appearance: Blond hair, blue eyes, looks older than he really is (I have been toldd) FC: Blonde Nick Austin



<summary>-->Allyssa Gabriel<--</summary>
Age: 17 Birthday: July 10th Zodiac: Cancer Sexuality: Straight, I support LGBTQ+ though Relationship status: Single as a pringle!!! Personality: Smart, kind and generous to some people. For other people it really REALLY depends on my mood and who the person is. I am also a certified weirdo lmao Appearance: Blonde hair, brown eyes, hourglass figure... FC: Addison Rae "Heylo"</details>

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BROOKLYN FIELDS: Brown hair, blue eyes, slight hourglass figure Her parents ignore her, they don't really care about her. Caring, just wants to help, smart, daring Sexuality: Straight Family: Her mom doesn't care about her, her dad left them (he was abusive and ocasionally her mom is too), her little brother is the only one that sort of cares (he just doesn't really know her) Age: 15 Birthday: Oct 23rd</details><details>
<summary>-->HP Oc's!!!</summary>
Kayleigh Malfoy- Hi, I'm Kayleigh Athena Cara Sage Oaklynn Serenity Ember Minerva Narcissa Malfoy, but you can call me Kayleigh. My Dad is Draco Malfoy. I don't know who my mom is. She died in the Battle Of Hogwarts. Dad refuses to tell me about her, so idk. I'm 16 and in my 5th year of hogwarts. Sexuality: Straight Relationship status: Single...Looking for love ♥︎ Children: None Pets: None Siblings: Scorpius Malfoy (According to story). No one else, I'm looking though! House: Slytherclaw (Mostly Sytherin now (but not a stereotypical Slytherin. Different.), but I got stuck in Ravenclaw.) ZODIAC: SAGITTARIUS (NOV. 25th) ♐♐♐ What do I look like? That's MEE! FC: Idk, if anyone does, let me know.</details>

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