Louane Granger

Student, Artist

"Ohana means family. Family means that no one should be abandoned or forgotten"

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Full Name: Louane Clara Lily Emma Granger

Birthday: 13 years old, January 13, Capricorn

Orignis: French, Belgian, Spanish

Nicknames :

Ari (Everyone)

Ri (ᴀᴇꜱʜᴀ ɴᴀɢɪɴɪ ᴘᴀᴛᴇʟ)

Ria (Lou, Ev) Lara (Ev)

Anna (Gigi) An (Gigi)

Rina (Harmony) Aria (Harmony) Rianna (Harmony) Ariri (Harmony)

Lover (Angels, Paige & Paisley)

Lilster (Suzy Potter)



Passion: Dance

Dream: Become a professional dance, To become an Auror

Personality: Sincere, intelligent, loves everyone, attaches quickly

Gender: Girl, Bi, Single

Blood: Mixed Blood

Patronus: Mouse

Scarecrow: Watching my friends die

Wood: Onme wood, 14 1/2, phoenix feather, no flexible

Signature spell: Accio

Animagus: A wolf

Job: HDN Writer

Crédits: Beezer Vablatsky for the inspiration and the background



Biography :

I had a sister, but we were both orphans. A person had the heart to adopt me, I had to separate myself from my sister. I had new aunts, sisters, cousins, and a father, who unfortunately left my mother. My family is my whole life, they are the most important people to me, they adopted me and accept me, I love them from the bottom of my heart

Unfortunately, it's been a while since the whole family has spoken to each other, it's distant, and left HiH. It is difficult, very difficult, especially when you lose your mother and your children. Yes I'm adopted, but I don't have one, I don't feel like it anymore

I also lost my best friends because they all left HiH. I hope to rebuild myself here


Lost Family :

Sisters : Leah Fox, Chelsea, Paige & Paisley, Rianna, Arial

Aunts : Voldy's Gril, Viola Lestrange Malfoy

Daugthers : Olli-Esmee, Ginny Lestrange-Riddle

Cousins : Zilla, Laney Lestrange-Malfoy


Real Family :

 Princess Ashley Wilson

" halina " (Mum)


Lost Best Friends :

Ellie Smith

Ashley Smith Potter

Wild Wonders

Ginny Lestrange Riddle

Savana Lupine


Real Best Friend :

Emma Lloyd Watson





No advertising (otherwise blocking)

Respect towards others


You can do this with one of your ocs (I'm playing with my character, Clara Granger)

Don't do my words

Any style of rp

I can do starters, but I'm not very good, although I have a vivid imaginationAesthetic


Aesthetic :

  Accio Profile Posts...
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