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{ I travel a lot for my parents work so my internet is pretty spotty, so sorry if i dont respond fast }


RP Rules

*I dont do forrbiden rp, no family x family or minor x adult

*I dont do mature rp, im a minor so plese respect that nothing above tv-14ish

*I dont mind swearing

*Please use correct grammer



 Ella Evans

Gender ~ Female

Looks ~ Light brown hair, brown eyes 5'4"

Age ~ 14

Blood status ~ Pureblood

Personality ~ Funny, outgoing, makes dumb decisions out of Impulse, and immediately regrets them.

Sexuality ~ Pan

House - Gryffindor

Gemini Main

Gender - Female

Looks - Long black hair with pastel blue streaks, pale skin that never tans, 5'3 

Age - Depends, usually between 11-16

Blood status ~ Muggle born

Personality - Rude and stubborn, only nice to friends. Not very good at making friends but won't admit it.

Sexuality - Bi

House - Slytherin

Oliver Cash

Gender - Male 

Looks - Short dirty blond hair, tan skin, 5'10, glasses

Age - Depends, between 14-16

Blood status - Half blood

Personality - Pretty shy, keeps to himself. Excels at most things he does but doesn't like the attention.

Sexuality - Bi

House - Ravenclaw



HP (Obviously)


Red Queen

Alice in Wonderland (Lewis Carroll)

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