Hope Ashley Grindelwald


"She is our Friend and she is CRAZY!"

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My Life:
Hope Ashley Grindelwald was born in a little town. She has a twin named Andrea. When she was 5, The Death eaters took her and do some experiements on her. She can pass throught something like a ghost and sometimes (when she gets angry) bad things happen .She is talented in charms and Defence Agains The Dark Arts. She has light brown hair and color-changing eyes. Sometimes they are blue, sometimes they are hazel. She always wears jeans and shirts. Her wand is Hawthorn wood with a dragon heartstring core, 12 ½" and suprisingly swishy flexibility. She has one cat named Merlin, Merlin is very playful.
About Me:
Hope loves adventures, and solve murders. She always wants to be a detective. There is a only word to explain her: CRAZY.
Yes true, She is damn crazy but don't worry, she is really kind. Also she is Clever and Cool. She doesn't hate Gryffindors or laugh Hufflepuffs. She is fair. She always want to people call her Hope. She prefers her first name. Also She is a loyal Friend, her friends are everything for them. She has two best friends, Ginny Lestrange and Rosamund Mary Watson . They are her whole life.

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