Coffee Chaos

Coffee lovers and friends <3

*loud coffee slurps*~ML||*steals Ara's coffee*yum~Rio||*steals coffee from Stel* *slurps*~Ava||*dips croissant in coffee*~Hazelnut||*Slurps*~Cho|| yum

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♥️Name: Morgan, ALWAYS go by Morga
♥️Nickname(s): Morga (Anyone and everyone) Morgy (Ask) Snakey (Dragon/JJ only) Meanie (Idiot/Cinnamon lol) MB (BJ/bunny boy) Avocado (French fry/Angie) ML (this account)
♥️Hair: Long, midnight black
♥️Eyes: Bright green
♥️Skin: Pale-ish tan-ish
♥️Other: ***
♥️Sexuality: Lesbian (I think)
♥️Age: 15
♥️Relationship status: Single

♥️Also, don’t mess with me. If you do, Gyp (my horse) and my coyotes will kill you. Mess with my friends, you’re dead freaking meat and I will stab and shoot you, my coyotes will rip you to pieces, and the rest of my animals will stampede you♥️ ♥️*whispers* especially you, Aragog...♥️

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♤Name: Angie/River
♧Nickname(s): Angie (gotta ask), River (everyone), Rio (gotta ask), Ri-Ri/Ri (gotta ask), French Fry (Morgy/Avocado), AV (this account)
[full list on personal]
♤ Age: not sayiinnggg
♧ Sexuality: Straight
♤ Relationship Status: Confused
♧ Likes: Coffeeeeeeee, Starbucks, Stealing Goggy's coffee, Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, Chocolate, and talking to friends
♤ Dislikes: Haters, alone-ness, and spiders
♧ Appearance: Bright green eyes, tanned, hourglass figure, petite, and long wavy brown hair
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Name: Hazel
Nicknames: Hazelnut (ask), Haze (anyone), Azzy (anyone), Zelie (Angie), Hazelbear (Cinny), ZeZe (CC), Zel-Zel (Avey), Teddy Bear (Aragog, Angie, Sarah, and Morga) ((Full list on personal))
Age: 13-15 (only 2 people know and Goggy you better tell anyone or I’ll set Thana on you!!)
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship Status: Heartbroken
Appearance: Light brown hair, tan skin, hazel eyes, average height
Personality: Kind, funny, weird, stubborn, talkative, loud, bold
Likes: Harry Potter, animals, chocolate, reading, writing, acting, skateboarding, my friends
Dislikes: Meat, fake friends, moths, being left alone, homophobes, transphobes, racism, sexism

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Name: Ava
Nicknames: Avy (anyone),Ave (anyone), Avia (Holly only), Avocado (ask),Avie (Angie only), Aveee (Idiot, I mean Stel XD), Aves (anyone), Av (Ellie), Tinkerbell (Aragog), Avey (Hazel). [Don't remember the others XD]
Age : You wish!
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship Status: Taken<3
Likes : Making new friends, Books, Netflix (XD), Roasting haters, Kpop, Coffeee
Dislikes : Mean people, Harry Potter Haters, Stereotypes. (Thats about it really!)
Personality : Clever, Talkative,
Competitive (A bit too much at times!), Annoying, Funny, Crazy, Sassy, Sarcastic, Ambitious, Crafty

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☾Name: Wisteria Brown
☾Nicknames: Wis (My friends can call me that ^_^), Latte Girl (Only if you know about it), Craft Services Wis (Also only if you know about it), Wisty (My friends can call me that heehee), Bitchbuster (Also only if you know about it), Wish (My friends can call me that), Wishy (My friends can call me that), Wissy (My friends can call me that), Terry (Ava only), Panda Bear (Ask), Jess (Only if you know about it)
☾Age: Not telling ya :)
☾Blood Status: Half-Blood
☾House: Ravenclaw
☾Relationship Status: Single Pwingle
☾Likes: Reading, writing, talking, being weird and insane, roleplaying, k pop, roasting bitches, COFFEE
☾Dislikes: Bullies, rude people *cough cough* Rude olphus, sexica
☾Star Sign: Virgo

☾Hurt or break my friends???? I'll set my hyper panda army and kiwi minions on you. (I'm not kidding)
☾Mess with me??? I'll go into hyper panda mode and murder you.
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➳Name: Cho Romanoff( Basically a Malfoy)
➳Nicknames: Cho (Everyone), Chops( Ask) , Choi(Ask) , Blossom (Lara Only), Ma'am( only that idiot Aragog) , Chosy (Holly only!!) Ruby(Mione Only) , Boo(Ask), Toots(Ask), Dudi(ask), Buttercup(Aragog,ask), CC(Hazel Only),Chocochip(Ava Only),Cocoa(Angie Only) , Foxy ( I LOVE IT AND FEEL FREE TO ASK) //Suggest meh more!!!!//
➳Age: 13-14
➳Blood Status: Half-Blood
➳House: Slytherin
➳Relationship Status: Taken<3
➳Likes: Books, Singing, Roasting People
➳Dislikes: Rude Ppl
➳Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
<summary>➳Meh Song</summary>
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》 Name - Symphony Clover
》 Nicknames - clovie ( Angie), Sym ( Anyone ),Sy ( Peyton), symphie ( ava and cho ), muffin ( Aragog), marshmallow ( Angie), bee ( cho )
》 house- Gryffindor
》 Birthday - 12th September
》 Zodiac - Virgo
》 Sexuality - poly and bi
》 Likes -coffee , books , best friends
》 Dislikes -Mean people
》 Fc - Sabrina Carpenter


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<details> <summary>What my friends think of me</summary>
About Cassandra by me, Charlotte:
She has effected my life from my Sage, Lexie, and now Charlotte view (You know what I mean Cass. XD). She has always been there for me when I was in my worst situations and she was always there to make me smile and feel happy. Thank you so much Cassandra. If you weren't here, well, you know where I'd be. I will never be able to thank you enough.
~From the actual Charlotte
You can call me Mag if you wish. I trust you a lot!
Padme is so great. She's funny, smart, and kind. She loves Star Wars, and so do I! Whenever I'm bored, I always go to her. Keep shining Padme. I hope our friendship grows!
- AlohaPotion101
From the time we met, I knew you'd be an amazing friend, but TBH that's an understatement. You're beyond amazing, you're one of those special people who can't be described using words, but I am still gonna try! You're always so positive, encouraging, and optimistic. Although, you might not have realized it, you are one of those people who showed me the light when all I could see was darkness! You're so funny and awesome, that I love chatting with you. I only hope we meet IRL and when we do, we'll be besties from the start!! Love you to the moon and back<333
The first time we met , I thought you were gonna be awesome . I haven't talked to you many times ..nor do I know you very well , but how your friendship has played out to be one of the best is a miracle . You truly are an angel and my sister .
I know you are there for me . You forget your lain and listen to me . I wuv you so much . You are one of my friends who give me the flare of hope when I am in darkness
Love ,
I haven't known you for that long, but I've known you long enough to know that you are so kind and you're an amazing person. You always try to help others and you're very generous. I can't even begin to explain how awesome you are. You've helped me, and some of my friends. Without you, HiH would be different, lonelier, sadder. You've helped to make HiH an amazing place. Stay awesome because we need more people like you in the world!
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Hello. My name is Cassandra Padmé Elizabeth Olivia Burr Amidala Weasley Black, I have a very big family; The Burrs, Amidala's, Weasley's, and Black's. I Am very quiet, and cold, I do not enjoy people, and only like, and talk to my friends and the little family that excepts me. It wasn't always like this though, so here is my story; I was born december 5th 2003, to Aaron and Theodosia Burr, we were a happy family. We lived in an alternate world called Contrariorum which meant Opposites in Latin, In the summer the world was a beach, and in winter, it was full of cliffs, and mountains, I loved it there, but then one thing happened that i will never forget; Someone entered our planet, an assassin, It was winter so my family and I were on a cliff, and he came and attacked us saying, "You have something I need!" Over and over again. I heard my Mum's last words: "Cass, Take this and run, but know you are so loved, you are so loved, take this to a safe place and you'll find th-" She never finished her sentence, and from that moment on I knew I was alone, forever. The rest of the winter I hid in trees, and caves. I had gone back to our house, and Taken a bag with few things; Food (Potatoes and honey), little water (Our oceans were fresh water), Flashlight, and my telescope. I had made a tree house, but the assassin found me and i had to leave. 3 years later, People came to help me but I would not let them, all I did was sit on the ship. I was taken to a planet called Naboo, and was raised by the Naberrie family, and took the name Padmé. When I was 11 i received a a letter to Ilvermorny, and was sorted into Horned Serpent, equal to Ravenclaw where I, later, was sorted into, in Hogwarts. I was taken to Hogwarts, because Ilvermorny levels were to low for me. I met Fred Weasley when I first arrived and instantly fell head over heels for him. This was very, very, very uncommon for me. WE started dating right before the battle of Hogwarts started, and well, we did not date for long, because, well you know what happened. I became a Weasley when when Mrs. Weasley found me crying in the girls toilet. I was the odd one out in the Weasley family, Brown hair, No freckles, short, everything a Weasley is not. So, I left them, I kept the name Weasley but travelled to Africa, where I met Nico Black, And we fell in love, I married him, but soon I found out he had been cheating on me, so i left. This is my story, and my life is not over yet, so my story is not quite over. </details> <font color=jade>
<summary>My Besties</summary>
Vi- You are AMAZING!!!!!!!!! I could not live without you!!! I'm not a People person, but I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee you, Thank you for everything! <333
Elliot- OMFG!! I have no words! If there was a word for Amazing x Awesome x Crazy I would use it, you are the greatest! Love you!! <333
Coco- Daily doses,was an AMAZING idea, you have such amazing idea's and you are awesome, I have no words, literally! <333
Stel- DARTH SHTEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jo- Love you! You are so amazing! I can rant without annoying you, and can talk non-stop! Thank you for being there for me Love you!!! <33 </details> <font color=coral>
<summary>Photos of Me</summary>

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<summary>Favourite Quotes/Characters</summary>

Licensed Goddess (Athena and Poseidon)
</details> <font color=coral> <details <summary>Favorites</summary>
Name: Esmeralda

Actress: Phillipa Soo

Actor: Jonny Orlando

Writer: Laura Ingalls

Fictional writer: J.K Rowling, and Carolyn Keene

Book: Little house on the prairie

Fictional book: Harry Potter, and Nancy Drew

Color: Lavender, Jade, and Coral.


Food: Bananas

Drink: Banana and strawberry smoothie

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