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✨Crazy people✨

✨Coby Rae: Taken by my LOVES. My boo and Cutie.✨ ✨Sean: School✨ ✨ Ivy: Bored✨

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✨Birthday: Jan 26

✨ single/pan

✨nicknames: Sea (only Aαℓια), Ean (only Coby)

✨likes: Orcas,

✨gender: Male

✨dislikes: SOon

✨Very Sweet, Nice, Caring, funny


(Was Ocean)

✨Birthday: July 26

✨Gender: Female

✨Taken by my wife/Taken by my Cutie/pan/poly/no preference

✨nicknames: Cutie (only my cutie), Boo (my Wifey) Reese (only Rose), Rae (only Olive), Twinny (only twinny), Taco (only Han), idiot sis (only Idiots sis), Crazy Twin (Only Weirdo Twin), Bishy queeeeeeeeen for Cobyyyy (Only Jessica), human bean(only Chid) ((If i forgot you my apologies))

✨likes: Dog, my crush (you know who you are now), Roses, Names, Quotes, sleeping

✨Fav actor: Dove Cameron, Tom holland, Cole Sprouse, Timothée Chalamet

✨Fav food: Steak, Chips, Yogurt, FRIES BITCH

✨Fav songs: Good Girl (Carrie Underwood), Parents (Yungblud), That kind of night (Luke Bryan), Not thinking about you (Ruel),

✨Fav Soda: I only Like Mt.Dew

✨Fav Chips: Cheesy Ruffles (lays)

✨Fav singers: Ruel Vincent van Dijk, Shawn Mendes, Justin Bieber (Yes i in love with him but don't judge bitch), Carrie Underwood, Luke Bryan, Yungblud, Dove Cameron, More come soon

Fav Band: The Vamps, One Direction (?), Why don't we,

✨Fav movie: Great showman, Harry Potter, Divergent, Jinxed, Beauty, and the Beast, Sound of music, Musical

✨Fav book: Harry Potter, Every other weekend, Romance books, Fantasy, and Disney books, Salt and the Sea

✨dislikes: any soda other than Mt. Dew, Being woken up, Rude people.

✨Needy, Kind, Protective, Annoying, Talkative, Very Flirty so don't get attached



✨Birthday: September 29

✨Gender: Female

✨single, strait

✨nicknames: Ves (friends), any version of Margaret Campbell (anyone), and a whole load of other ones on my personal account.

✨likes: friends

✨dislikes: bullies

✨Kind, defensive, witty, caring (usually)


✨Birthday: May 10

✨straight and taken <3

✨Gender: Female

✨nicknames: Lina (anyone), Hallie (my fam), Bubble butt (only Coby)

✨likes: people

✨dislikes: being betrayed

✨Kind, Beautiful, sweet, insecure


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