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I was sorted into Ravenclaw because I am clever and I am witty. I was a little bit of a hatstack as I was almost sorted into Griffindor but Ravenclaw is definitely the house for me. I am a muggleborn, but my dad has a good understanding of magic. It mostly just affects me because it means I have to work harder as I have more to learn. For me, I’m not too scared of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named because I don’t see how he can really affect me (I won’t use his name though, just because of protocol). My greatest strengths are my intelligence and my ability to understand everyone and really know how to speak to each and every person and what they will take well/not so well. My greatest weakness is my tendency to judge others and myself too hard and want what I can’t have just yet. When I finish school I hope to come back and teach at Hogwarts, hopefully eventually becoming headmistress or at least head of Ravenclaw. For me, the most fascinating aspect of magic is the family it creates and the warm feeling it gives, as well as the fact that it all happens right under the Muggles’ noses and they have no idea. I want to use magic for whatever is right in the moment. If I am honest, I really want to stay at Hogwarts forever and decide how it is run whilst still being really good friends with the other teachers. As a student, I really want to be close to all of the teachers and students and make some really, really incredible friends that will stay family to me for life. I also want to have a magical Christmas. At my mum’s I have two budgies and at my dad’s I have two cats, but I’m hoping to have my own cat with me at Hogwarts. The budgies are called Buddy and Kebob, the cats are called Pepper and Timber, and my Hogwarts cat will probably be called Blue. My stepmum introduced us to the wizarding world - before then, I didn’t believe in it. My mum absolutely does not believe in magic, and I am still working on trying to change that. Everyone in my family is a Ravenclaw.
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