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Bella Ash Fayley

Age: 8

Bella Came to the orphanage when she was four. Her father abandoned her and she watched her mother die. Robbers had broken into their house and they shot her mother 5 times while Bella was hiding in a closet. When she was sure the robbers had left, she came out of hiding. Only to see her pale faced mother. Bella had frantically called 911 for help, but it was to late when they got there. Bella keeps her mothers diary with her and is very secretive.

She frequently dreams about her mother and wakes up screaming. She suffers from depression and suicidal thoughts. She often tries to cut herself. When she can'tget to a sharp object, she causes herself pain by biting herself until it bleeds. She has only gotten into once. She hit an older child because he tried to steal her mother's diary.
Shiloh Nelson

Miss Tris
Hayden Hawthorne
Cassie Williams
Leah Granger Malfoy

Bella has taken Cassie in as her adopted sister. She takes care of her and provides comfort. Bella does the same. There have been multiple times where Bella has had a knife and Cassie has persuaded her not to do anything.

Bella with four years:

Her diary:

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