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Hi! Nice to meet you. I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan! I am also very talkative so if you need someone to talk to feel free to post on my wall or owl me!

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<font face=Pacifico> I am a half blood first year at Hogwarts. My dad was a wizard but my mum is a muggle. My mum is Hermione Granger’s cousin. I took my mum’s last name because my dad left us before I was born so I didn’t know him. My mum never told me much about my dad so when an owl flew onto my doorstep and gave me a letter with my name on it I thought it was a joke. Then I started to think maybe it’s not a joke so my mum drove me to a pub called The Leaky Cauldron and we went in. We were very confused and it took a long time for us to get into Diagon Alley but we managed to get in. After a very surprising trip through Diagon Alley I got all my supplies and books and my mum also got me an owl named Newt. I named it Newt because that was a name I read in one of my books. After I got all my things we went to Kings Cross. We couldn’t find where Platform 9 3/4 was but finally I saw a family that was going to Hogwarts. I watched to see where they were going and they went through the wall! I knew that it was what I had to do so I shut my eyes and ran. When I opened my eyes there it was, the Hogwarts Express.
Once I got to Hogwarts it was time for the sorting ceremony. Once the hat was placed in my head the hat said, “Hmm, hard one. I could put her in Ravenclaw but she would also do good in Gryffindor.” After a long time the hat placed me in Gryffindor. I am just starting school but I think I am going to like Defense Against the Dark Arts class.
When I graduate I want to be an Auror. I know it will be a hard job to get but I think it will be worth it.


full name: Gwen Granger (that’s all I’m saying)
gender: female
House: Gryffindor
Blood type: half blood
Appearance: short, curly brown hair, Very Tall, brown eyes, and small freckles around my nose.
age: not saying!!!
Wand: red wood, Phoenix feather core, 12 1/2 inches
patronus: hedgehog
animagus: owl
personality: I play lots of sports. I love reading, writing, and anything like that. One of my favorite things to do is hang out with my friends!
Favorite color: blue
Favorite book: Harry Potter (duh)
Favorite movie: also Harry Potter
Favorite author(s):
J. K. Rowling (obviously)
J. R. R. Tolkien ( who doesn’t like him)
Favorite animal: owl
Favorite genre: fantasy
Pet: owl-Newt
Favorite class: DADA
Job: Zonkos manager

(Sorry if it’s confusing, a lot of them have the same name because they’re in different groups and it makes it easier to remember)

The war of elements:

First name (and last name): Gwen Wright
Earth: water
Age: 19
Parents (if any) and siblings (if any) My mom and dad died when their ship recked and I have no siblings
Personality: Funny but can get serious. Loves to be in the water and never likes to leave her ship for to long.
Appearance: long auburn hair that is usually in a braid. Tall and skinny. Always has jeans and boots on and always wears a hat.
Occupation: Captain of the Devil's doom
Skills: is good at basically every thing a pirate does ;)
Elemental power: she can speak to sea creatures.
Lifestyle: lives on the Devil's doom with her crew and is the captain of the ship

Second oc:
First name: Nova
Earth: Air
Parents (if any) and siblings (if any) she has a younger brother and a younger sister and they live with their parents(if someone would like to be my family they can)
Personality: Kind and brave. She is very talented and loves helping others
Appearance: short brown hair and tall
Occupation: helps others whenever she can
Skills: She is very strong and very skilled at using her power
Elemental power: Can control the wind
Lifestyle: Lives in a big home with her family and does whatever she can to help others

third oc:
First name (and last name): Vic Gundim

Earth: Air

Age: 9

Parents (if any) and siblings (if any): She has the same father as Mia Gundim, Ash Gundim, and Brooke Gundim, but he is now deceased. Her mother is deceased. Her siblings are Mia Gundim, Brooke Gundim, and Ash Gundim.

Personality: She is always happy, she's a peacemaker, she's nice, but of she gets really angry she is mean, and she is more mature than a lot of 9 year olds. She likes to fight, but she will not kill people.

Appearance: She wears shades of light blue a lot. She is usually wearing a t-shirt and a pair of blue jean shorts. She also wears black tennis shoes. She always has a bow and arrows with her (just in case) she has tan skin, blue eyes, she is tall for her age but still short, and she is skinny.

Occupation: she doesn't have a job, but she will soon be treated as a princess.

Elemental power: she can manipulate wind and she creates HUGE storms when she is really angry.

Lifestyle: she usually sleeps wherever she can and she gets food from nice people, but sometimes she goes hungry. (But she will live with the Royals soon!)

Other: Her mother and father died in a battle when she was 5. Also, she doesn't know that she has other sisters, but she will soon find out!

The three elements:

Name: Gwen
Gender: female
Appearance: curly short, brown hair, always in a braid. Tall and skinny.
Lifestyle: lives in a castle on earth but likes to be outdoors
Personality: smart, friendly, and likes to make friends with “ commoners”
Realm: earth
Occupation: princess

Second oc:
Name: Anna
Realm: heaven
Appearance: long brown hair, sparkling blue eyes, and beautiful white wings.
Occupation: gets jobs from anyone she can trying to make money.
Lifestyle: she is very poor and lives in a small house with her family. She has to work a lot because she has no dad and her mom has to stay home with her younger siblings.
Personality: kind and hardworking

Third oc:
Name: May
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Realm: hell
appearance: Long black hair with red streaks, two black horns, and big bat like wings
occupation: thief
lifestyle:doesn’t have a home, has no money so she has to steal everything, gets into lots of fights.
personality: Can be rude, likes to break the rules, isn’t afraid to speak her opinion.

Elemental school of magic:

1.) Name: Gwen
2.) Age: 17
3.) What type of Magic do you study? (Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Combat?): Fire and air.
4.) Personality: intelligent, kind, and can be a good fighter when needed.
5.)Looks: Very tall, long, curly brown hair, and likes to wear jean shorts and a hoodie.

The twilight saga RPG:

Your Character Name: Gwen
Your race: Vampire Vegetarian
Your Race Affiliation: non-affiliated.
Your Special Ability: Can speak to animals
Your Backstory: when I was turned into a vampire I was 16. I was in a car with my friends and we got in a car crash. My friends all died but I was still alive. I would have died but a vampire found me and bit me. After that he explained what happened, he took me hunting, then he left. I still don’t know who he is even though I’ve been trying to find him for 50 years. I am currently 66 and I am trying my best to help younger vampires become vegetarians.

Light verses darkness:

Name: scarlet
Light or darkness: Light
Personality: kind likes to help others and loves to make new friends.
Appearance: Long auburn hair average hight lots of freckles.
Occupation: She is only 13 so she doesn’t have a job but she is learning how to be a doctor.

The ten elements:

Name: Clara Asher
Age: 30
Land: fire
Family: The royal family
Job: Queen
Short Backstory: My mom and dad were the king and queen before me and they were supposed to let my brother be king but he died in a war and they had no more sons and I was the oldest so I got to be queen
Abilities (Powers related to your land, skills): I can conjure fire out of my hands
Appearance: long black hair wears dresses when she has to but doesn’t like them
Personality: Kind to people who are kind to her but rude to those who are rude to her

The Hunger Games:

Name: Iris Miriwil
Age: 11
District: 12.
Appearance: Long titan hair that is always in a braid. Almost always wears jean shorts and a gray crop top hoodie
Personality: she cares about her family more than anything else and will never like you if you disrespect them
Occupation: likes to hunt with her sister even if her parents tell her not to
Family: sister:Zoe Miriwil mother: Katherine Brown father: Gale Miriwil
Lifestyle: More or less, the money is usually missing, their name is written down 45 times, so they prefer to collect, even with that they can't afford it.

Character file:
name: lucy lynn
Age: 24
District: capitol.
Appearance: short light brown hair, sparkling blue eyes
Personality: very kind and doesn't like it when people are hurt and helps them when they are
Occupation: doctor
family: has a mom and an older brother but she doesn't know her dad
lifestyle: lives in the capital with 3 of her friends

The Wizarding World:

Name: Anna May Weasley
Appearance: has red hair and lots of freckles (duh I’m a Weasley XD)
Occupation: Student
Personality: kind, brave, Loves to be outdoors, and loves to read and write
Lifestyle (Include the place where your character lives- this is very important): The Burrow
School (If your character attends school): Hogwarts

Twisted Minds:

Name: Mia White
Role: Troublemaker
Appearance: has long black hair that goes to her waist, has sparkling blue eyes, and always has a black hoodie on
Personality: loves to break all the rules
Age: 17

The Shadow Lands

Name: Rina Lynn
Age: 13
Gender: female
Role: Slave
Side: (What side are you on) Light
Short Description Of powers: (Optional. You can just be good at fighting or not have any experience, you don't need to have powers) She can control wind
Appearance: Lots of freckles and short blond hair
Personality: She is very kind to the other slaves and usually gives them most of her food but she hates the dark side and will kill them any chance she gets
Backstory: She has been a slave her whole life. Her mom and dad had her Xairen but once she turned 6 they took her away and she hasn’t seen them sense
Extra info: she is pretty skilled with a bow and arrow
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