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Name: Angeline Granger-Malfoy

House: Gryffindor


Mother-Hermione Granger

Father-Draco Malfoy

Siblings: Scorpius (15, in Slytherin)

Blood Type: Half-blood

Wand-aspen and dragon heartstring core, 12 1/2 inches, pliant and flexible


Animagi: red fox

Looks: long wavy locks of blonde almost-white hair like Dad, chocolate brown eyes like Mom, but with flecks of light grey like Dad's eye color (resembles Mom mostly, but has features of Dad too)

Family: Dad is Draco Malfoy and Mom is Hermione Granger, related to more or a lot of people

I grew up in a nice mansion with my older brother and had a nice childhood. I enjoy studying books but love to have fun. Sometimes I break rules, out of fun or because I had to. If you want to rp with me, your welcome to post a starter on my wall. Don't spam though, I don't like that and it's very rude. I love green apples like my Dad, well, duh.

Roleplay Rules:
-Don't spam or I'll block you, but not for a long time
-If you want to rp, gotta tell me first or I won't know and post the genre too
-Pick one of my OC's before rping
-Cursing's fine

OC's (You can use yourself though if you want)


Name: Piper R. Levington
Nickname: Pipe(s)
House: Ravenclaw
Sexuality: Straight
Gender: Female
Blood Type: Pure-blood
Fave Class: DADA
Personailty: Kind, fair & considerate, talented, sweet, clever, caring
Patronus: Doe
Animagi: Falcon


Name: London Quinn
Nickname: None
Age: 13
House: Slytherin
Sexuality: Straight
Gender: Female
Blood Type: Pure-blood
Fave Class: Transfiguration
Personality: Ambitious, sly, smart, somewhat kind, slightly rude when cranky
Patronus: black panther
Animagi: Tabby cat


Name: Kimberly Granger
Nickname: Kim
Age: 15
House: Gryffindor
Sexuality: bisexual
Gender: Female
Blood Type: Muggle-born
Fave Class: Charms/Arithmancy
Personality: Smart, brave, determined, nice, bubbly
Patronus: horse
Animagi: None


Name: Avery Fitzpatrick
Nickname: None
Age: 14
House: Ravenclaw
Sexuality: straight
Gender: Female
Blood Type: Half-blood
Fave Class: DADA or Muggle Studies
Personality: Clever, grumpy occasionally, nice though, ambitious, brave
Patronus: wolf
Animagi: None
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