Anna Potter

Student and ☆Party girl☆

• No hate on my wall • LGBTQ+ support and member • I'm a NES • I'd be down for an RP anytime, so just send me an owl if you want to. ~And that's all~

  • Joined March 2021
  • Member of Ravenclaw
  • 72 House Points
  • 1st Year
  • Hungary


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In real life

- 13 year old
- birthdate: 14/09/2007 (1pm.)
- talkative and creative
- height is still 5,3 ft
- hobbies are mostly: reading, listening to music, drawing,playing on my acoustic guitar (Goethius/Goethe)
- favourite classes: math, physics and chemistry
- parents are divorced
- bi and polysexual (please no hate because of that)
- same as my character
- depression and anorexia


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Some nicknames to call me

Ann(when people are too lazy)

Aanya by~

Panna(mostly my parents and their friends in real life)
Cotta(because of the Panna)
AnnaTheBanana by~

Anaconda by~

Anilicious by~

Cinimanna by

Anna Montana by

Indy Anna (like Indiana) by

Queen Anna by

Annanas by

Annanaya by

Panda (because of Panna and that's my favourite animal too! Irl people usually call me like this too)


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>Bella(I have a sad story about it)

Even when I was just a fetus, I would have had a twin sister who was named as Bella by my parents, but unfortunately she died as a 5 month old fetus. They thought I was going to die or that we will both, but in the end I survived.



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Shout out for my HiH friends!!!

You're such my bestieee!!! It's so nice to talk, and as the promise! See you at New York when we'll be older. Just give me the date and place then it'll be a deal!

the best thing to know is that I have you because you're with me in good in bad, and make me smile everytime when you write!

Charlie Balle
I think you were my first real friend from here, and that was so fun that we could talk about so much thing!

Tori, Naira, Tory and Ivan Black
the best cousins here that I could get!

Quinnyyy *hugs her*
When I met you and we started to be friends I could never guess that we'll get this close! Just to know, you're the nicest Hufflepuff! Sorry Ceddie, just the thruth *giggles*

I just love the way how you think, sis! Studying is important, and I appriciate that you're such a hard-working person about it!

Amalie Gracie Riddle!
You're literally so nice, and it's really good to talk through our days with you!

You're really kind, and we're just starting to be friends now. But it's so cool! You're so cool!!!


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As my character

I'm a hardworking Ravenclaw who wants to be the best and not just "Harry's sister".
I love to pretend that I'm the best in everything while I know that I'm not.
I feel a bit insecure about myself, and I've always felt lost...
Maybe that's why I want to act more like myself.
If I would need to tell about my personality with a couple of lines of a song then I'm the
'Every vow you break,
Every smile you fake'.
I'm an outgoing person who loves having fun.


"Some guys call me Angel, but they don't know that I'm probably listening the Highway to Hell rightnow too"

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As Harry's sister

Whole name: Anna Juliette Potter
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual/ Polysexual
Blood status: Half-blood
Parents: James Potter, Lily Evans
Harry Potter(one year above me) ,
Heiley Charlotte Evans Potter

(The best) Aunt (ever!!!):
Enola Artemis Evans

(The best) Uncle (ever!!!): Sirius Black
Tori, Naira, Tory and Ivan Black

Wand: Cypress wood with a unicorn hair core, 12" and suprisingly swishy flexibility
Patronus: Irish Wolfhound
Pet: Theo, my owl
Hair: dark brown, short hair with bangs
Eyes: a bit greenish yellowish, but brown eyes
Height: 5,3 ft
Favourite classes: Potions, Herbology, Charms
Quidditch: chaser
Personality: kind, overthinking, outgoing, jealous, love to draw attention, but if someone does I try to ignore it, smart, kinda funny, a bit clumbsy
Most fear: anxiety
As songs: - Lush Life
               - Talk to Me
               - Oh Ana
               - Outside
               - Candy
               - Burning Pile
               - Riptide
               - Super Freak
               - Overhelmed


Twitter profile


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Discord name

Anna B#0570


Timezone: CET
~Thanks for
- lia -
Backstory cOdInG stuff

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