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Online Wednesday and the weekend, also holidays, sorry ppl, I forgot, no more mature RP's, from normal romance to PG 15, that's the limit I set up

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Heyo, it's me and how are y'all doing? As you read, point out things that are...unusual, ok BAIII

<summary>It's ya boy!!!</summary>
<font color=Green> <font=courier>
<font size= 2>Name: Godric Alvaro James Blazeon Potter

A Daily Prophet reporter, Auror, and Animagus

Favorite subjects: defense against the dark arts

Loves Quidditch and can be friends with anyone

Blood Status: Half-blood (don't bully muggle-borns and muggle-born witch/wizards or answer to me)

Relationship: Single and not looking for anyone

Being a Potter is hard because of expectations but I can live up to it. I love to read and write stories. Here is the funny thing I can be 2 people Godric and my real self, Pelumi. I am usually Godric But Pelumi is writing

Godric: White hair, strong build, grey eyes, Light skin, smart, brave
Animagus: White Wolf
Birthday: December 7
Able to achieve demon form. Spirit Animal: Eagle
Name: Unknown darkness
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Theme song: Panda By Designer

upload pic

(Me and my twin Kat Jolene Potter)

Name: Kat Jolene Potter
Age: Around me, not gonna tell
Animagus: A grey wolf
Zodiac: Saggitarius
Sexuality: Lesbian
Personality: Murderous, funny, kind, childish, kinda hates her brother, dominating, smart, sometimes a klutz.
Able to achieve demon form Name:? (never told me)
Looks: White hair, blackish greyish eyes, light skin, sometimes wears round-rimmed glasses,
Relationship: Single and obviously searching
For some reason, Godric not overprotective of her, why? because if you break her heart, He will kill you
Theme song: Ghost by Confetti or Karma by AJR

Pelumi: Black hair, Kinda round, Black skin, Smart, book worm, brave, distinguished
Animagus: Eagle
Spirit Animal: Wolf. Able to achieve demon form
Name: Ash Darkness
Birthday: December 6
Theme song: Whatever It Takes by Imagine Dragons

<summary>Nicknames: (I'm open to some) </summary>
Nicknames: (I'm open to some)
Gav (Anyone)
Gordon (Wallstalkers/pretty much anyone)
Gold (Only my Twin Kat and Holly)
Copy (Only Romanaa Debonair and Black Lestrange)

<summary>Lyra's Laws</summary>
Lyra's First Law: Chocolate = Heaven on Earth.
Lyra's Second Law: Chocolate + Milk + Extra Chocolate + Caramel + Friends [Like YOU!] = Something-really-really-really-really-awesome-but-I-cant-think-of-a-word-for-it
Lyra's Third Law: If you're eating chocolate, I MUST EAT IT TOOOOOOOO
Lyra's Fourth Law: White Chocolate is not a chocolate. And I know that I've taken a sort-of "oath" against it, and swore never to eat it... I just can't help it it's really good. But obviously not better than milk chocolate and dark chocolate or orange chocolate.
Lyra's Fifth Law: Orange chocolate is REALLY GOOD

<summary>My friends and BEST friends</summary>
(I have to get a freaking list -_-)
Lyra Valdez-Black
Romanaa Debonair
Black Lestrange/ Ms. Spam
(I need to find more, brb)

<summary>So Now *drumroll* MY OC''S</summary>
Name: Chaos
Parents: Zeus
Powers: Able to fly wield lighting, good swordsmanship and has immerse strength, able to fly, control the elements, telepathy, 4 forms: Chaos Nova, Ultimate Chaos Nova, World Breaker Chaos Nova, and True form, is destined to save or destroy the world(Don't ask why) Has one of all the powers of the gods
Looks: White or red hair, color-changing eyes so Initial is unknown, Light skin, black hoodie, jeans and sneakers
Weapons: Favorite: Long Sword, Double-Bladed Sword, Daggers, Broad Sword. Others: Can literally make weapons but rarely does it.
Personality: Loving, kind, extrovert, sometimes flirty, smart, quick, good leadership, a bit depressed (Is the only one in his cabin), Protective, sometimes dominant.
Age: People Please
Zodiac: Saggitarius
Oc: Official Camp half-blood
Name: Jack Dragonite/ Dragon
Age: 15
Faction: Dauntless
Always says: "Love the person who loves you, help them and make them grow"
Oc: Divergent
Name: Jackson
OC: Elleron
Name: Light Darkness
Age: 17
Rebellion or Marei?: Rebellion
Powers: Able to use manipulate shadows and the light to his will
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Description: His body is half dark half-light, still has his hoods, and now has 2 swords one for darkness and one for light
Personality: Secretive, dark, kind, funny, and sometimes scary
Role: Fighter
Back Story:
Before Light Darkness, There was Jack, Jack was born into a middle-class family but was living like kings and queens and he was living a good life, His parents always told him he was special He just never knew how Then the Marei attacked and killed his parents. Overwhelmed with dark thoughts he was consumed by dark light and became Darkness He killed the soldiers and went to find the rebellion. A few years later his friend Felicity is taken over by a Parasyte and he was trapped in a room with her when the Parasyte gained consciousness, He jumped through a shadow and tried to escape but was pulled back and he relived his worst memories his parents, Then he became Light Darkness, an embodiment of both Light and Darkness and he ran away but he was injured again and again by the Parasyte, he turned back to challenge the Parasyte only to kill himself because of Felicity, he wasn't ready to hurt her and then... He died and left the world
Name: Janelle late
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Appearance: long blue hair, tall, strong build and always wears black
Personality: Smart, fast, quick thinking, problem solver
Role: Fighter
Team: 1
Name: Draco Viserion
Role: Knight of Thyselon(Kinda)
Age: 20
Appearance: Sleeveless Hoodie with dragon tattoo running down his arms His right arm is a black dragon, his left is a white dragon, a blood-red bandana over his eyes because he is blind, wears no shoes, has two swords one black, one white.
Personality: Loudmouth, friendly, sneaky, can feel when someone is lying, smiles all the time.
Other: Likes to dance, sees with his feet, hates beer, meditates a lot.
Extra Info: Is very good with swords
Name: Blaze "Dragon" Dragoni
Age: 18
Rebellion or Marei?: Rebellion
Powers: Pyrokinesis, able to breathe, control and create fire
Gender: Male
Sexuality (if you wish): Straight
Description: Red sleeveless hoodie with red dragon tattoos running up and down his arms, red jeans, and red sneakers
Personality: Sneaky, explosive, kind, caring, can be dark and scary, understanding
Role: Fighter
Name: Shadow Sun
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Role: Warrior
City: Umbra
Side: Dark
Short Description Of powers: Barely uses his power of telepathy, only in dire cases, but is good with swords.
Appearance: Dark red Hoodie, carries around a double-sided sword and a broad sword, Blood red jeans, Black shoes
Personality: Quiet, quick, funny at ties, friendly, murderous.
Backstory: When the shadow people won the war, his father died during the war when he was 7 and ever since that day, he swore that he would become a Warrior and wipe out the Light nation, Years later he achieved his dream now all that was left was to wipe out the Last of the Light people
Name: Bolt Engineer
Generation: 1st Gen
Role: Tech Expert
Appearance: Goggles on his head, has a clockwork watch, has a clockwork robe, black shoes, red hair, light skin.
Personality: Funny, smart, forgiving, strong-willed, persistent
Universe: Omnea
OC: The Known Universe
Name: Gavriel Alder
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Primary and Secondary Magic (mages only):
Role: Vampire Hunter
City: Ariadale
Personality: tough, unforgiving, friendly, smart, quick, and quiet
Appearance: (you can attach an image or write out a brief description) Tall, lean and mean-looking, black jacket, black pants, black shoes, carries an ax and a katana, wears a black hat.
Background story: When he was a child, he had come back from school and he saw his family on the floor with someone on top of them, he hid and saw that it was a vampire, he had killed his family after the vampire had left, he cried over his families body and ever since that day, he had looked to kill that vampire, today he is friends with some others not so much.
OC: The Ethereal
Marvel OC:

Name: Jack Stark/ Blackout/ Yakone D'walli (The Great Lion)/ The Embodiment Of Darkness/ Leader of the K.O.A
Age: 17
Universe: Marvel
Looks like: Black hair, sometimes dyed white, a shirt that says "Smart Dude", jeans, sneakers, glasses that are actually a holding place for his virtual assistant, J.U.S.T.I.N.E, and a long grey robe that reaches his ankles
Job: Son of Tony Stark, Owns half of Stark towers, inventor, planner, and friend
Loves: Kelly, daughter of Loki, his hoverboard, his dead sister, his mom, and dad, His crew, Building and creating things, Piano and guitar, singing, writing songs.
Hates: Killing people, people abusing others, War, dancing, people not minding their business.
Always says: "Break my heart and you won't see light again, literally"
More Info on what he can do: https://powerlisting.fandom.com/wiki/Darkness_Embodiment

Name: Zane Jordan/ Former Green Lantern/ White Lantern
Age: 17/ depending on RP
Universe: DC
Looks: White hair, grey eyes, black robe that stops at his heels, black shirt, black pants, and black hat, white ring. Uniform: SImilar to normal looks except it's all white, with the insignia on his chest
Job: Part of The Young Justice League, friend, Karate and Tae Kwon Doe master/teacher
Loves: Oa, Drawing, music, his family and friends, swords, designing things, reading
Hates: Killing people, rage, his depression
Always says: "It's not the matter of being good at something, it's the drive to do it"
White Lantern Oath: "In Brightest day, There will be light, To cleanse your soul and set wrongs right, When darkness falls, Look to the skies, A new dawn comes, Let there be light"

Demon Slayer OC:

Name: Ojrio Kibetsu
Age: 18/depends on RP
Looks: White hair, grey eyes, white kimono, Demon Slayer uniform under the kimono,
Blade color: White, Turns red when using Breathing Technique
Breathing Technique: Flame Breathing
Job: Demon Slayer Corps
Always says: "One doesn't need to be in a seat of power before being powerful"
Flame Breathing:
First Form: Unknowing Fire (壱いちノ型かた 不知火しらぬい Ichi no kata: Shiranui?) - The swordsman charges towards their opponent at high speed and decapitates them in one or multiple slashes.
Second Form: Rising Scorching Sun (弐にノ型かた 昇のぼり炎えん天てん Ni no kata: Nobori en ten?) - The swordsman uses an upwards moving slash attack.
Third Form: Fiery Spirits (参さんノ型かた 気き炎えん万ばん丈じょう San no kata: Kien Banjō?) - The swordsman swings their blade downwards in an arc.
Fourth Form: Blooming Flame Undulation (肆しノ型かた 盛せい炎えんのうねり Shi no kata: Sei en no under?) - The swordsman spins their sword in a circular motion, deflecting the enemies' attacks.
Fifth Form: Flame Tiger (伍ごノ型かた 炎えん虎こ Go no kata: Enko?) - A series of sword slashes that take on the form of a tiger.
Sixth Form (This is made up, so no shade) Firey Death - A type of dance that enables the Swordsman to move in different directions while decapitating his/hers opponents and also enables them to switch forms easily
Seventh Form (This is made up, so no shade) (Working on it)
Eight Form (This is made up, so no shade) (Working on it)
Ninth Form: Rengoku (玖くノ型かた 煉れん獄ごく Ku no kata: Rengoku?)- A devastating dashing slash initiated from a high stance. The technique carves a deep impression on the ground.

Thunder Breathing:

First Form: Thunderclap and Flash (壱いちノ型かた霹へき靂れき一いっ閃せん, Ichi no kata: Hekireki Issen?) - The user dashes forward and slashes at their opponent with incredible speed.
Six-Fold (六ろく連れん, Rokuren?) - A compilation of the First Form with a series of six dashes.
Eight-Fold (八はち連れん, Hachiren?) - The Swordsman dashes eight times within one use of this technique.
God Speed (神しん速そく, Shinsoku?) - Further augments the speed of Thunderclap and Flash.
Second Form: Rice Spirit (弐にノ型かた稲いな魂だま, Ni no kata: Inadama? - The swordsman is able to generate five straight attacks around the user in a single moment.
Third Form: Thunder Swarm (参さんノ型かた聚しゅう蚊ぶん成せい雷らい, San no kata: Shūbun seirai? - Generates a spinning wave that strikes all directions of the foe.
Fourth Form: Distant Thunder (肆しノ型かた遠えん雷らい, Shi no kata: Enrai?) - The user releases multiple ranged strikes towards a target.
Fifth Form: Heat Lightning (伍ごノ型かた熱ねつ界かい雷らい, Go no kata: Netsu kairai?) - A single, focused, slashing attack.
Sixth Form: Rumble and Flash (陸ろくノ型かた電でん轟ごう雷らい轟ごう, Roku no kata: Dengou raigou?) - A series of strong ranged attacks released around the user.
Seventh Form: Honoikazuchi no Kami (漆しちノ型かた火ほの雷いかづちの神かみ, Shichi no kata: Honoikazuchi no kami?) - The user conjures the image of a dragon-like creature of lightning while attacking at blinding speeds.

(Credit: Fandom, none of the breathing styles are mine, except for 3 or so)

Books I have read:
Harry Potter
Renegades Trilogy and many more I do not remember

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